Master Wilversang
on August 10, 2015
Quick Manga Character Sketch from Vinland Saga one of my Favs.
In Album: Anime Fan Art
Dimension: 647 x 1178
File Size: 553.63 Kb
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Master Wilversang
Thanks, that was what I was going for. The manga it is from deserves to be drawn well.
Like August 10, 2015
Master Wilversang
I miss the days when cartoons were drawn well.
Like August 11, 2015
Hmm, by well drawn, you mean more detailed?
Like August 11, 2015
Master Wilversang
I guess detailed would be the word, cg is cool and all but the old Disney movies like fox and the hound have a certain appeal I miss.
Like August 12, 2015
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