Tonya Rosalee Vandecovering
on January 27, 2015
He is a mystrous hero with a forgoten past and he's on a serch to unlock his forgoten memories, and wile on his search he saves people from the mutated creatures of a Bio-Hazard Virus from space.

Original Character Info
OC name: Von Al Zawlics
Age: unknown
Eye: Lavender/Violet
Hieght: 6/7
Wieght: 210
Body Type: Average
Blood Type: O+
Powers: unknown
Birth Place: Secret Goverment Labertory
In Album: TRV Digital art
Dimension: 943 x 1264
File Size: 661.55 Kb
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William See
Looks like an Exo from Destiny Big Grin
Like January 27, 2015
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