Lynton Levengood
on August 19, 2011
Hello, Feels like ages since I uploaded something new, been really busy. This is just something that consumed me the last few days.
Dragons, they have become rare in our day and age. They live secretive lives and the chances of seeing one are slim to n
Dimension: 1600 x 1131
File Size: 451.24 Kb
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That's fantastic man! I viewed it in full and the details are amazing. Each scale on the dragon appears to be done individually and even the tree bark it done with magnificent detail! Gotta say this has to be one of my favourites! Damn! Your are awesome
Like August 20, 2011
Drew Swift
pretty fucking awesome.
Like August 20, 2011
Quite Humorous! guess all the lost left socks go to that dragon! XD
Like August 25, 2013
Every time I think I'm making progress, somebody posts something awesome and my little ego goes into hiding Unhappy
When was the last time we actually had a GOOD dragon movie... have we ever?
Like August 27, 2013
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