Tonya Rosalee Vandecovering
on January 14, 2015
Halo OC story
His Spartan name is Wade-156 (Howlu) and he was the first spartan being tasted of a new spartan serum but sadly it failed, and also they gave him the name Howlu for his code name also they even give his vary own customised spartan armor. His original name is Wade Zallex he's normal regular guy that signed up to join the spartans in battle but Wade end up joining the Spartan Freelancers and down in the lower levels of their base is where he was being tasted of the new spartan serum. How this new spartan serum failed... well the results was perfect but not what they were expecting. Wade's body did go spartan like they wanted but the side effects like 15% of brain damage, uncontrollable rage and abnormal behavior. So they had to put Wade Zallex down by shooting hin in the gutt and simple stab close to the heart then thay were force to shut down the project but what they don't know that serum increased his healing.

Soliders came despose the body but then there was a rumbling boom from upper levels of the base, after that a freelancer stoped them and told the men to but Wade in a cryo pod fast as possible.

Solider: But Why?
Freelancer: Why! cause we're under attack!
Solider: Under attack from who?
*Rumbling sounds and bending metal* The door where the freelancer came through burst open.
Freelancer: we're under attack by THE FLOOD!!! *start shooting*

They fought their way to the cryo chaimbers and put Wade in a cryo pod. The soliders didn't survive as long as and the freelancer was last one to die. So before that happens she activated super nove flamethrower defences to burn the living hell of the Flood and it worked. She looked at Wade Zallex wile holding her hand on the spick bullet wound from the Flood.

*Starts coughing out blood*
Freelancer: *Hack cough* huuu Wade I am glade-- I saved you and welcome to the spartans *cough* and Im glade to see you-- one last time-- brother-- I-- I will always watch over you...
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