Tonya Rosalee Vandecovering
on January 14, 2015
This scene is for a comic called Moot and first two original characters of my Moot comic is Elenoi and Moot, both of them are in love. For right now in this picture its what Moot will look like when the nature of his species takes control and it caused him to Transform in to his primal form of the Neontorien species of his race. He's chained up so Moot wont hurt anyone in his primal form and Elenoi is there to calmed him down, and she is the only one that Moot love the most of all...

Moot: El--Elenoi no don't-- come-- near me!
*She gently touches him*
Elenoi: Moot this isn't you, your not a monster so please change back to normal I like you better that way.
In Album: TRV Digital art
Topics: Moot and Elenoi
Dimension: 1024 x 743
File Size: 1015.35 Kb
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