on December 10, 2014
Name: Cara Briarstone
Rank and Affiliation: Lieutenant. Crew member of the ship "Clairvoyant". LEG Special Ops soldier of the Nomad Earth Empire
Race: Human
Age: 33 Standard Years / 22 Physical Years (youth gene)
Height: 5ft9inch - 175.26cm
Weight: 121lbs - 54.88kg

Personality: Cara doesn't work well with strangers. She doesn't even work well with other crew members of the ship with whom she isn't directly involved with on a day to day basis. She also has difficulty trusting anyone she hasn't known for a long time. Cara also has a drinking problem. She is nearly always intoxicated and tends to have a higher performance rating while drunk. Her mannerisms and attitude, not to mention her choice of words in this state, tend to land her in trouble rather often. Her best friend is Lelu, the mechanic on board the Clairvoyant.

Powers: Does not possess any magical powers. Skilled at hand to hand combat, Special Operations firearms, weapons tech, jetpacks, and survival. Lt. Briarstone is very fit. She performs all of her conditioning and endurance workouts while wearing her Skyfire Industries E47A Jetpack so it feels to her as if it is an extension of her body. She is as capable flying it manually as most other pilots are with BrainWayve Technology. Cara is well versed in small scale combat tactics and serves as the tactician of her squad.
Dimension: 900 x 1199
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