on October 2, 2019
Hey Guys, It's been a long I post up an Art here. I'm being lazy and doing something else but I did some artwork its be put up soon. I'm been hanging out with this fun group in discord with their bizarre adventure on their RP on VR-Chat in Twitch Stream. I will put the link below if you want check them out. Here a Fanart of one my friends VR-Chat Characters in Discord but I don't want give all the detail of the character, here a info… - Sho is a very Stealthy Fox-Girl the character reference inspired from Honkai Impact - Yae Sakura Twitch Link Kirbynite - (Great guy btw and a very good gamer if you want to catch his stream he will on Tuesday - Saturday between 8pm - 10pm Eastern Time in USA
Dimension: 1080 x 1847
File Size: 1.84 Mb
This is crazily beautiful!!