Silent-Sid 1992
on March 8, 2019
Blog Link : it's Lotion Time ! ... looks like Mimi and Jewel are having a little argument ... and it doesn't seem like Jewel is very happy with her mother's behavior ! time to oil up ! .. LOL ! :D I'm open for commissions contact me : Gmail + Skype : Skype : live:silentsid1992 Discord : Silent-Sid 1992#0294 Twitter : Blog : DeviantArt : Tumblr : Youtube 1 : Youtube 2 : if you wanna Donate VIA Paypal to help me make more free art, the link is below, and depending on the size of the donation, you get a package of my mature artworks both old and new. just two notes : 1- the Paypal Name is only used for legal reasons, so do not ask about the Name. 2- the package will be sent to you VIA Email, but only after the transaction become final and completed, so that it can't be undone without permission. there for, it might need a couple of days before the package is sent. Paypal Donation Link :
Dimension: 1294 x 1000
File Size: 998.65 Kb
in Album: SFW
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