Otter Mii-kun
on December 15, 2018
My first-ever OC, Susie.
Information on her at time of creation (July 2017): 10 years old, date of birth June 1st, 4 foot 11 inches tall, and weight of 90 lbs. Personality-wise, she is shy, yet impatient and often wishful. As for her likes, cartoons and anime, as well as playing outdoors, especially during sunny days in spring and summer, plus animals, especially rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks. She also loves stuffed animals, including teddy bears.
Among her dislikes are: school (especially the Common Core standards), Winter (especially when it gets below 40F, and she wants to someday move to a tropical climate), When her favorite TV shows are bumped for sports. Hip-hop/rap music. Shoes (when she has to wear them, she prefers something very comfortable and anything that she doesn't have to wear socks with.) Arguing
Dimension: 1752 x 4901
File Size: 505.2 Kb
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