on November 26, 2016
I tried to adjust the blurriness in photoshop. But I am proud I did this right the second time I drew them. This is Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet and Zarina My own O.C character. I love making my own romance stories, and my own o.c characters for well characters I love! I try not to make them mary sue at all giving them a traumatic past . (believe me I've seen horrible mary sues here and there) But this is my character Zarina. (I"m trying to hurry up with the description because I have 5% battery power on my laptop)
Anyway they were "supposed" to be arguing over something. But I didn't want to mess up my drawing the second time so I just drew them with shocked expressions on their face. Or "In love" instead. I'm not very good with profile faces yet or expressions. I'm sorry if the picture turned out blotchy. I tried really hard adjusting this on photoshop. ... And this is what my signature is gunna look like from now on. A heart and two initials. (Ignore the horrible color choices i gave for Zarina and the part where I messed up on Jim's hair) XD I was just well excited that I finished the second time the right way. Cause inking and sketching takes me longer.
Jim hawkins is owned by (c.) Disney
Zarina is owned by (c.) me
I will probably color this in photoshop too.
Dimension: 450 x 600
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