on June 10, 2016
Oh goodness this poor drawing was suppose to get done way in April =A=;. It kept getting side tracked by my health/other drawings.

Anyway finally one of the other planet pieces shows up. It probably won't be the only one related to this planet because there's no actual buildings in this image but its a start at least. I plan to use that logo in the upper right corner to distinguish planets really easily. You can even see a doodle of the planet on it in the middle. The drawing itself was fun to do even if tedious, definitely getting better at making characters stand out from the background itself. So to get into the piece itself:
Main Desergen is a planet slightly larger than earth, it has 4 small moons. It does have various environments like forests and such but it is mostly rocks and sand. Desergen has some smaller pink tinted oceans rather than blue like those of Earth much the sky of the planet itself.

Despite the harsher conditions many creatures have managed to thrive on this planet. Creatures similar to the marsupials of earth are abundant as are large arthropods and a unique class of animals that derived from mammals which niche is almost exclusively subterranean.
Deserge, Moln, Saitek (non aggressive invasive species)
Eap, Snueq, Hosheat, Jurgk, Barsu, Stawgn
Dimension: 1480 x 1776
File Size: 1.83 Mb
Oh, man, it's so good to see your art again! Brace yourself for an inbox full of thumbs-ups!
[x=2094]Bandit[/x] Thank you . I'm a bit busy with something I can't post to artrift right now but I hope to keep the train going with new content here even as my health keeps pooping out a bit.