on May 17, 2016
I did two more quick images lately. This one actually served a purpose while I elaborate here
but the short version is it annoys me when aliens in sci fi show biases towards certain things that make no sense given their unique differences in biology and culture. I drew a random individual of a species that's usually very skinny with a larger waist line to basically explain how ginaga see fat vs. how humans see it.
Also again this was a fast image so I do notice some errors in it. definitely still trying to learn how to draw faster but without the image having to be really super simple and ridiculously cartoony for that to work.
So enjoy!
Dimension: 900 x 900
File Size: 1.18 Mb
Topics: alien, sci fi
I want to high-five this fellow!
[x=2094]Bandit[/x] Good I'm glad! thanks for the comment.