on April 17, 2016
Recently I joined Aywas which is a hoity toity pet site that lets you submit your own content. Unlike FR where its only skins to place over dragons you can modify the heck out of pets on site and even submit your own. You can even design cosmetic items to submit to the site. Before moving on to my own sci fi stuff I did a few different custom things, some of them I can't really submit here because they're only pet edits but these are two "from scratch" designs.
The big one is being submitted as a pet itself and is basically a throwback to a familiar idea I had for flight Rising back in 2014. I will say I'm actually pretty impressed that I seem to have actually improved a lot more at art then I thought I had.
The other a custom item, it will be a fauna (think a familiar on FR or petpet on Neopets), they were design to be a lot more simple and cartoony since the size for these things are quite tiny. I even set this time to be publicly available so any member of the site will be able to get it.
So yeah I am going to get back to my own stuff now, I have a ton of references saved for a piece that is very different than what I've been doing lately. Thing concept art instead of reference sheets.
So enjoy!

The familiar concept I'm talking about can be seen here:
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Topics: alien, sci fi, aywas