on March 15, 2016
While my computer was dead I didn't really get much artwork done. Most pieces I had planned needed to be done digitally from scratch BUT I did remember there was something I wanted to do that required paper. Basically last time I redrew my alien species Domran... the comparison was kinda unfair in my favor. It wasn't drawn to the best my ability. Basically I was intentionally using a simplified angular style rather than what came naturally (which is the style 2009 Domran was drawn in).
As much as I think 2009 Domran was one of my better pieces from the time period I have gotten a lot better with shape, style and detail since then. I mean that's roughly 7 years ago I would hope so D:. Also Domran haven't changed much as far as core design goes mostly their feet have become more forward facing rather than being elephant like in structure, their tail ends with a stripes rather than a blotch, their visible tooth is flat and their thumb went from being a claw... to being an actual thumb.
Not much else to say except I do hope in this style its a bit more obvious they're.. well not dinosaurs. They're synapsid so basically they're mammal-like but still retain reptilian features. They have small amounts of hairs in certain places with a long thick reddish mane (often referred to as a crest since it has display/emoting properties) down the mid of their head to their back. Their skin is actually more similar to that of rhinos that it is to something scaled like a modern reptile.
So blah blah enjoy!
PS: in reference to the title since reintroducing the Domran to a project in 2013 its become canon this species has nearly went extinct at one point. Their collective population is only a few hundred individuals strong and they no longer have a home planet. Therefore space woobies
Dimension: 1014 x 1400
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Topics: alien, sci fi, creature