on March 12, 2016
Actually surprisingly this ref took less time than I thought it would even though I was hoping to get it done by Sunday and its practically Tuesday now 8,). To be fair I did have some unexpected crap that came up out of nowhere so anyway there: officially a silly furry now!
I fixed up a few of the problems I had the first time I drew sphynx cat me to make him more clearly a cat. Ears are actually cat line now rather than like erect mouse ears, also changed the snout a bit.
Also if it wasn't obvious much like real me there really isn't a default outfit for my sona, if you were ever draw them just draw them in something horribly unfashionable that's red, black and/or green and you're good to go!

PS: sorry if this image was posted several days after other sites. I had technical difficulties for the last few days since my hard drive burnt out on my PC. So I was planning to submit this image to several sites on Tuesday... just to have that happen. So it wasn't until today after some set up I could get around to that!

Original drawing:
In Album: Anything else
Topics: anthro, furry, fursona, sphynx, cat
Dimension: 2000 x 1074
File Size: 4.01 Mb
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