Master Wilversang
on November 29, 2015
These may get tweaked a little but here are my basic 3 Ideas to win an art contest in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. If I do win, the prize is a free art booth and admission to the anime convention so hopefully one of these will catch the judges attention, lemme know what cha think?
In Album: Anime Fan Art
Dimension: 1730 x 956
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Michael Taras
Looks good!
Like November 29, 2015
Mark Orange
YO! I got my first manga software and have been a big scardy cat. was feeling nostalgic about the catroons i grew up so many moons ago, you know, voltron, thundercats, etc. i havent even cracked the plastic on the box yet. pointers? tips? advise? would be much appreciated.
Like November 30, 2015
Hey there, I've noticed that with a lot of your drawings, you tend to draw the folds correctly, but you forget to shade the drawing differently based on the form you're defining.
Either make the folds lighter, or darken the overall shade of the parts that are behind.
also, the colors you're using are ... View More
Like December 2, 2015
Master Wilversang
Thanks Cacuu that was an eye opener, I really appreciate the constructive criticism!!!
Like December 2, 2015
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