Master Wilversang
on October 13, 2015
Inspired by Hard Dance music.
Dimension: 1239 x 1652
File Size: 476.72 Kb
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o: I really love this little 'series' you've got going on here (this is definitely my fave so far!) though I've got to wonder what you mean when you say 'inspired'? I have a form of synesthesia which means I effectively 'see' sound in the form of colour, so...I was wondering if this series was kind ... View More
Like October 22, 2015
Master Wilversang
Yeah this series is kind of like that... These posts are created by my sub conscious, I think... They all start out the same just a scribble of lines but when examined closer and by that I mean I look for a face or some defining element and I work from that. The color is influenced by the sound just... View More
Like October 23, 2015
really nice and pleasant <3
Like October 27, 2015
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