Master Wilversang
on August 30, 2015
I modified my stencil a little bit but I think I'm happy with this.
In Album: Anime Fan Art
Dimension: 835 x 1298
File Size: 2.66 Mb
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The Names Junkie
This is gorgeous. Big Grin
Like September 7, 2015
Master Wilversang
ZanaNovaShine: there is a free pdf online called "draw comics the marvel way" it is written by both Jack Kirby and Stan Lee I found it very helpful in drawing particularly males, Hope that Helps Grin
Like September 8, 2015
Makes me miss Fairy Tail
Like January 6, 2016
Master Wilversang
I really miss the good animation when the series started.. the Manga is still so Epic!
Like January 7, 2016
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