on August 28, 2015
This is one of my OC from one of my manga project. I just wanted to draw him one more time (#^.^#)
Dimension: 753 x 800
File Size: 399.39 Kb
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Shae Daughtry
Epic character, may I ask what the manga project was about? X3
Like August 29, 2015
I currently have two projects: one is about angels and demons and the other one is about mythology Grin I will maybe post some other sketches/pics about it ^^
Like August 30, 2015
Wow......just....wow. That's all I can find to say. I'm still trying to learn Photoshop and this is what I hopefully one day look forward to being able to do. Great job! Big Grin
Like September 3, 2015
Thank you Grin I'm still learning too and I had a hard time with this painting >.< I wish one day I could do better stuff without thinking on how I have to render stuff and colors x_x
Like September 5, 2015
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