Caroline Bleger
on May 18, 2012
This is something that has been rotting in a folder hidden in a dark corner of my pc since 2009!!... I've been working on it all night. But even though there's so much I'd like to change, I'm kinda happy with how it came out (compare to what it used to be).
So, thought I'd share!
Dimension: 1607 x 2953
File Size: 1.69 Mb
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I really dig this!
Like May 19, 2012
So cool miss Bleger! Proportions are good, coloring is awesome! It reminds me of someone but I don't know who!
Like May 23, 2012
Caroline Bleger
I'm actually not entirely happy with the anatomy, but thank you! Grin
Like May 23, 2012
pena berdarah Art
like it...
Like December 1, 2012
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