on July 26, 2015
Welcome to Tera, in the 7th Century of the Atomyk Era, hundreds of years after the Apocalypse which came close to rendering humanity extinct. Current population estimated at 60 billion. Many of the artificial satellites and orbital habitats are large enough to be visible without any optical aid. Most of the homeworld is dominated by the rule of the Sora Arayns (Solar Alliance), yet rogue states continue to seek independence and resist the efforts of the SA for "re-unification of humanity". Outside the crowded megacities of the SA, there are also vast wilderness regions that remain sparsely populated by small communities of malcontents, rebels, and primitive savages.

Although the Apocalypse happened over five or six hundred years ago (no-one is certain of the "when"), the planetary climate continues to be glacial, with larger icecaps on both poles.

I created this picture for use in my webcomic project "Beyond the Demon Star". It was quite fun, learning to use GIMP in ways that I hadn't done before
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