on July 26, 2015
A pair of Syu-620 series fighter-jets fly over the city of Darwyn, capital of the Solar Alliance.

Concept artwork for a military aircraft to appear in my webcomic "Beyond the Demon Star".

The Syu-620 series have a lifting body design, and are propelled by twin multi-fuel motorjets - or in some versions twin electric motorjets. Fast by the standards of the 7th Century AE, but strictly subsonic, these fighter-jets are able fly at just above tree-height at low speeds for stealth, or fly reliably well at extreme high altitudes (the electric motorjet variants are capable of flight at 30,000 metres above Tera sea-level). The common multi-fuel engine versions can use diesel, vegetable oil, alcohol, or high-grade petroleum; whatever is available. Though originally intended to fulfil striker-bomber and air-support roles, there are now dozens of variants and it has become most famed for it's success as a frontier multi-role fighterjet on colonial planets. The Internal Security Ministry also has a version for police patrols over Solar Alliance cities.

Among Honjuese pilots of the SAM Aerospace Force, the Syu-620s quickly came be known as "Suzume-chan" for their resemblance to sparrows, the nickname has spread to other branches of the Solar Alliance Military as well.
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