on May 20, 2015
Made with GIMP, Mypaint, using a Wacom Bamboo Manga graphics tablet - sometimes I used the pen, sometimes the mouse. Lens flares are just GIMP filters, modified with jwarping, gauss blur, and HSV noise. Created as inspirational art for the Beyond the Demon Star webcomic, I'll probably use only a monochrome greyscale version in the actual comic, however.

Mount Fuji is erupting while lightning flashes from wild storms. In the night sky above, the galactic core shines in a way never seen before in human history. This is the End of the World as we knew it.....
Centuries later, it's discovered that the cataclysm is truly galactic wide and devastated all of the colony planets that had been settled just prior to the Apocalypse.
Dimension: 4000 x 5561
File Size: 6.13 Mb
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