on May 7, 2015
I am a part of a group of three to five people known as Phyrixa Nocture. We're basically the next CLAMP or Peach Pit or something that invloves a team of manga/comic artists. I wanted to do this collab between myself and my other teammates. We each did our own promo from start to finish and I just put it together.

The top panel was done by my friend, ZinyaWolf on deviantART, of her story, Alpha Sage. This story is more Naitive American themed and it also features a wide cast of anthro characters.

The middle is my own project, Shisenota. If you watched me on deviantART or you saw my teaser earlier, then I really don't need to say anything more lol

Finally, DraGunMetal created by my boyfriend, FireReDragon on deviantART. He doesn't want to say anything at all about this story since it's gonna appear much much later than both Alpha Sage and Shisenota.

So yeah. That's all for now. I highly recommending watching us all on deviantART since we're much more active on there than here (hell, Dragon and Zinya don't even have ArtRifts).
Dimension: 2100 x 3384
File Size: 5.6 Mb
Tis okay. I don't expect that much activity considering how decently new this site is and how popular I am (lolwhatpopularity).But I was definitely looking forward to your comment XD
William See
Very professional! Don't worry: I'm working on my own comic, and if you have artist friends to back you up its ten times easier. Keep the work goin!
Sorry man, my skill is exclusive to me XD You can only have your own skill and your own form of awesome.
@William See Oh yeah! Definitely makes things a lot easier. Thank you!