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Some of the facts that point towards significance of children's book illustrations character design are explained. Read more.
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Hello everyone. I am Eva from Singapore. I am a self-learned artist. Never have any formal education in Art. I love to paint Nature using acrylic paint. ( traditional way) Beside painting, i love to read books and listening to music too. . Hoping to meet new friends here.
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The BRoKen Doll she was sweet and innocent until her owner left her, then she went crazy and killed everyone she ran into and wouldn't stop until she found the little girl now all grown up.she will kill anyone who gets in her way. Chapter one Her name was Sarah and she was 6 years old when she got the doll. The doll had a pretty purple dress, a shiny porcelain face with pink blush on the cheeks and orange lipstick on her lips , tiny black shoes , dark red curly hair, and she was twelve inch...
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by on June 12, 2016
Familiar (Reader x Foxy) "Is she out there? Is she out there? Is she out there?" "Shut up!" Freddy growled, causing Chika to abruptly clamp her beak closed and remain silent. Bonnie dared to peek out the glass window and paused, examining the hallway. "I think she's gone..." Then you jumped to your full height loudly exclaiming "boo!" as you made yourself visible through the window. "Ah!" Bonnie shouted, "Ah!" Chika and Freddy echoed. The three terrified animatronics huddled together in the...
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by on April 5, 2016
Small Description: ( This is a Lucifer X O.C story. If you don't know who Lucifer is it is a tv show I watch every Monday evening. Tom Ellis is gorgeous as hell, and I couldn't help but write something to fill in my swooning void here. Lucifer is my newest inspiration according to story telling, and art wise! Serena Storm is the name of my character. And this was a before after they met story. I will be using second person (When Serena is telling from her point of view, and third person. (Using ...
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Before Captain America "In Time" Ch. 1) The New Girl on the Block It was the 1940's in Brooklyn, New York. Steve Rogers had trouble fitting in with people due to his small size, and his tuberculosis disease. He was backed in an alleyway, being teased and bullied as usual. "Hey Rogers, how 'bout we give ya...
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The men camped on the hill were loud. The drums echoed through the streets, their voices rang out in cheerful song hours after all of the shops had closed and taverns had closed their doors. Caecilia only wished she had a window to gaze out with the hopes of catching sight of the flames or hearing the music clearer. Instead, she was trapped in her bedroom, as she had been all night in the hopes of keeping her away from the guests. Nerva had never liked the men of the tribes, but he especially de...
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Driving from the embassy house to the college only took about thirty minutes. Thirty minutes to sit and try to think about nothing. Sébastien even tried to concentrate on the fog that still lingered and cradled the school's bell tower. The black car pulled around the gates and parked behind the library. Michel sighed. "I'll be talking to the music school dean and the art school dean to get her credits in order and make sure the family is refunded tuition. You send me a text as soon as you want ...
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Cecilia set the home phone back on its hanger. Mr Alphonse had never called twice in the same month before, and never to talk to just Cecilia. Usually he just visited every few years, like the rest of her mother's old friends. Mr. Alphonse was always friendly, asking about Saben, Cecilia's little brother, her vocal lessons, and school. He was very interested in her college education lately. Cecilia could only assume her mother had told everyone she would take a year off. She explained, she...
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Three weeks later, the New Years party at the house had drawn to a close and Sébastien found himself on a plane, headed to one of his least favorite places. The United States... At least it was the South East, a place with some history. He had already planned out which museums to visit if his fiancee proved too much for him and he needed to escape her. the private plan was comfortable. The security team had their own corner of the plane. Most were engrossed in books or board games. T...
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Sébastien made his way down the familiar hallway. Here, all of the siblings had their rooms. He reached the desired door and knocked on the fine wood before letting himself into his younger brother's apartments. It wasn't long before Aidan, the second oldest sibling, popped his head into the presence chamber. "Hey Sebs, you know you can just come in," the young man said in an accent that wasn't quite French and wasn't quite Irish. He didn't wait for Sébastien, disappearing back into his s...
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Semi-fantasy/Romance Disclaimer: Story takes place in an alternate reality. I mean no offense, this is written for fun. Here, France is once again ruled by a royal family-and is doing very well for it (of the Merovingian line). Sébastien was not worried about the small box waiting for him in his bed stand. He wasn't worried about how Caroline might feel about the ring. She had picked it out months ago, leaving not-so-subtle hints anytime she saw Sébastien. His lady had made it perfectly clear ...
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