by on July 17, 2016
In this post I'll answer some of the questions people ask most often about my nail art. Are those stickers? No, they are drawings. I used stickers in the past, but went full custom nail art a few years ago and I'm enjoying it a lot more. Are your nails fake? No, they are natural, I know the basics about applying acrylic nails, but don't use them. What kind of polish/paint do you use? Because nail polish is glossy, it's a bit too slippery for detailed drawings. Acrylic paint works best. Ho...
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by on July 15, 2016
I have to thank Adri for inspiring me to give Word Press another chance. Though I still prefer PHP, HTML5, JS and my beloved CSS3 for I did get around to making an account at the Word Press site and it's been useful despite the customization limitations. It's kind of like Tumblr but the image storage and post formatting are more convenient. If you're already following me in the other art archives where I post, you'll notice ...
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by on July 3, 2016
June 30, 2016: Pixel: Pharos (Persona 3) for Snow June 28, 2016: Finished Fanart: Lightning Returns (Final Fantasy XIII) June 20, 2016: Nail Art: Right, Left and
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by on June 28, 2016
The Wayback Machine saved 3 layouts in a span of time when I've definitely had more than 3. It's odd because it says it crawled the site at different dates but shows the same older version over and over. Anyway, if you're curious about which ones were saved, here they are. XD
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by on June 10, 2016
Sorry for the late update! Here's what happened on my adventure at Wizard World comic con. So I got a VIP pass ticket for the Wizard World Comic con to see frigen Tom hiddleston. (I keep saying frigen, because it's super duper exciting, that I finally get to meet my idol in person ) <3 Anyway, I spent two days with my dad, (Which wasn't that horrible, but he was really antsy with not really wanting being there) ...But I'm glad he sort of enjoyed it. He was a good sport about it. A REALLY GOOD S...
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by on June 3, 2016
May 30, 2016: New layout for the links page, Kaito from Vocaloid. Lineart WIP: Kratos (Tales of Symphonia) May 29, 2016: New layout! Fakir from Princess Tutu. May 28, 2016: Finished Fanart: Fakir (Princess Tutu) May 24, 2016: Nail Art: Super Heroes:
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by on May 30, 2016 is my personal network about my favorite things: videogames (JRPGs), anime, movies (sci-fi, super heroes), web-desgin, digital, pixel and nail art. These are the sites where I'm active, I've been on other sites over the years, but these are the only ones where I still post. If a site isn't linked here, I'm either no longer active, or it's someone else with a similar nickname.
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by on May 30, 2016
Someone asked me what my top 10 fav actors and actresses were. The order depends on what type of movie I want to watch, so here are the actors in no particular order: Chris Pratt Hayden Christensen Chris Hemsworth Chris Evans Orlando Bloom Leonardo Dicaprio Brad Pitt Jackie Chan Harrison Ford Will Smith Now for the actresses: Angelina Jolie Drew Barrimore Sandra Bullock Zang Ziyi Lucy Lieu I was only able to think of 5 that really stood out. There are other good actors and actresses out ther...
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by on May 26, 2016
These are my thoughts and opinions about Tales of Symphonia, which I just finished. I also talk about Tales of Hearts and a little about Zestiria. There will be spoilers in this post. I've been hearing a lot of good things about Symphonia as I played and I know that many on Twitter hold it as their favorite, though for me, Hearts is still my #1 and Zestiria my #2. Symphonia's age shows, but I won't fault it for it. The most obvious part is the combat. The 3D that plays like 2D feels limited in...
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by on May 16, 2016
Decided to blog about a bunch of sites where I post or used to post... I might have forgotten a few... or more than a few. This list doesn't include forums, because I've been on way too many of those over the years and couldn't possibly remember half of them. First, my main site: These are the art archives where I'm still active: http://we...
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by on May 4, 2016
April 27, 2016: Pixel: Jibanjan (Yokai Watch) April 26, 2016: Pixel: Foxy (Five Nights at Freddy's) April 25, 2016: Pixels: Komasan and Komajiro for Destinie, happy birthday! Manicure: Mushrooms: Left, h...
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by on April 3, 2016
Webdesign/Personal: Deviant Art: Fanart Central: Artrift: Tumblr: March 31, 2016: Manicure: Spring: left, right, both March 30, 2016: Webde...
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by on March 4, 2016
Webdesign/Personal: Deviant Art: Fanart Central: Artrift: Tumblr: February 28, 2016: Updated: Songs of Faith February 27, 2016: Finished Fanart: Gabumon Kaito & Gatomon Plushie (Vocaloid, Digimon) ...
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by on March 2, 2016
My Only Possibility I see it in my dreams, I see it in my memories, I see it, what could be, I think of possibilities. The black lion, it comes close, Red eyes glowing in the night, It walks by, it surrounds, I pray for you, my light. It backs down, you're around, I cannot be harmed by it, It retreats, you're with me, This is my possibility. For all the nightmares, That didn't come, For all the darkness, That didn't fall. For all the things, That could've come, You, stayed with me, My on...
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by on February 14, 2016
Webdesign/Personal: Deviant Art: Fanart Central: Tumblr: February 9, 2016: WIP Sketch: You had to play with it... (Miraculous Ladybug) February 8, 2016: Finished Fanart: Tikki and Plagg , http://mikaristar.deviantar...
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by on February 3, 2016
January 31, 2016: Lineart: Ladybug Unmasked (Miraculous Ladybug) January 30, 2016: Added webkit scrollbar CSS examples to the Cascading Style Sheet page. January 29, 2016: Sketch: Ladybug Unmasked (Miraculous Ladybug) January 28, 2016: Fanart: Chat...
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by on February 3, 2016
There is something that bothers me (and many others I'd imagine) which I've noticed happening across the Internet more and more. On fansites, on blogs, on Tumblr, on You Tube, all over the place. Why does everyone keep crediting images to Google?! Google doesn't own the images, it's only a search engine. That's like crediting Netflix for a movie instead of the director. If the image is official art, credit whatever person or company holds the copyright. If the image is fanart, ask the artist f...
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by on January 28, 2016
January 20, 2016: Pixels: Lumas: purple, light mini, brown mini, mini purple, light, brown (Super Mario),
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by on January 27, 2016
I had this weird dream last night. I saw a plushie crane machine that was in the restaurant down the street from school when I was in elementary school. Unfortunately, by the time I was in middle school and had enough allowance to play, the machine was gone. I remember there was this boy around 14, I was about 9 at the time and he would help all the little kids get plushies. He was really good at crane games, maybe they took out the machine because he was too good and emptied it too often. XD Th...
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by on January 26, 2016
There's a thing called "heading disorientation" which is said to happen due to brain damage. However, there's something else called "developmental topographical disorientation" which is more severe, but people can be born with it, despite having a healthy brain and never getting any head injuries. I find it odd that Wiki only mentions people who had head injuries as examples of heading disorientation, if something more severe can happen without head injuries, then it's logical to conclude that t...
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by on January 25, 2016
This blog entry contains spoilers for the Miraculous Ladybug episodes 15 and 16, Le Gamer and Animan. Did anyone else feel that episode 16 Animan, looked as if it takes place before 15 Le Gamer? I know this show is episodic, but that's the reason why these episodes stand out so much. Here's my reasoning: In Animan, Marinette starts babbling in front of Adrien, and later tells Alya about her determination to talk to Adrien. In Le Gamer, Marinette interacts with Adrien in a more composed way than...
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by on January 24, 2016
Storm When the clouds cover the sky, When the storm takes the night, I know I'll be alright. Worry not, Don't be distraught, Take the shield He brought. Invincible ally, Intensify, magnify, The power of the light. Stand firm, stand strong, Fearlessly, face the storm. When the clouds cover the sky, You may be surrounded, Let your skill be compounded. When the storm takes the night, Unleash your sharp sword, Let it strike a chord. Stand firm, stand strong, Fearlessly, face the storm. Victo...
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by on January 21, 2016
The Pacific Rim pixel project is on hold until I can find pictures of these jeagers and kaiju. Nova Hyperion Puma Real Mammoth Apostle Hydra Corinthian Shaolin Rogue Tango Tasmania Solar Prophet Reckoner Hammerjaw Spinejackal Taranais Ceramander
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by on January 17, 2016
January 10, 2016: Pixels: Otachi (Pacific Rim), Chat Noir's ring (Miraculous Ladybug) January 9, 2016: Pixel: Scunner (Pacific Rim), Lineart: Alisha (Tales of Zesteria) January 8, 2016: Pixel:
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by on January 17, 2016
Pray in Happiness Pray for hope, Pray for strength, Pray for happiness, And pray in happiness. The skies are gray, The storm rages on, For light we pray, Until dawn comes. Deep blue skies, The sun shines bright, Don't forget, Pray in happiness. Pray for hope, Pray for strength, Pray for joy, And pray in joy, Pray in happiness. Through the bad times, We pray for strength, We pray for hope, Do we pray for thanks? Through the good times, Life is a joy, Blessings to enjoy, Pray in happiness. ...
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by on January 3, 2016
December 30, 2015: Updated the JS Variables and Events page with some codes about mouse positioning and on click sparkles. Pixel: Onibaba: light and dark (Pacific Rim), Wallpaper: requested December 29, 2015: New layout for
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by on December 30, 2015
December 16, 2015: Pixel: Echo Saber (Pacific Rim), Sketches: Commission WIP (Church), Gift WIP (fanart) December 15, 2015: Pixel: Cherno Alpha (Pacific Rim) I also posted a bunch of photos of ...
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by on December 29, 2015
After being sick and miserable since Saturday, I finally have the energy to get on the PC. For the past few days I've mostly been in bed with my PSVita replaying Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky. I still feel sick and was prescribed antibiotics for the next few days, but I think I'm finally starting to show some improvement, even if it's just a little. ...and that's why I haven't posted in days. If I go quiet in the fanart world, there has to be something wrong with me.
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by on December 16, 2015
The graphics are terrible, that's my reason, but let me elaborate. I will definitely say that Nintendo has some awesome IPs, Mario, Zelda and Pokemon to name a few, but the hardware is just so bad. I expected it to be far inferior to the Vita, so that didn't disappoint me, what did disappoint me was how much better the GBA looked despite being an older handheld from the same company. This is not because the NN3DS is inferior to the GBA, it's a matter of style. The GBA had beautiful pixel graphic...
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by on December 2, 2015
November 26, 2015: Pixel: medicine box (Dr. Mario), Sketch: #SisterOCChallenge (Invader Zim) November 25, 2015: Fanart: Chat Noir (Ladybug) November 23, 2015: Pixel: castle box (Cinderella) November 22, 2015: Pixel: ht...
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by on November 21, 2015
I wish I understood Japanese so that I could watch the shows I want without reading subs, as I hate reading in general and how you can't do anything else while you do it. I want to listen to a show, occasionally looking up at the interesting parts while I draw and do other stuff. I can't do that if I need to keep my eyes on the screen at all times. That said, I don't really get these Japanese apps. They teach kanji, kana, etc., but I don't care about representing a sound in writing, I just want ...
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by on November 5, 2015
That outline for that story with notes that only make sense to me... morning May police station Gladys Smith night Gladys Smith separated robery Gladys accident Moon Cat morning Gladys wakes in hospital Smith talking to doctors (surgery robot) afternoon university attack May time stop Smith disarms attackers Smith talks to May they go to hospital aftermath flashback Gladys escapes Smith investigates Gladys with May and gets call from Victoria Victoria talks to Smith about becoming a vigila...
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by on November 1, 2015
October 31, 2015: New layout! October 28, 2015: Fanart: #SisterOCChallenge (Invader Zim) October 27, 2015: WIP Sketch: Phoenix (Frankenstein) October 26, 2015: WIP Sketch: Frank (Frankenstein) October 25, 2015: WIP Lineart: http://mikaristar.devianta...
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by on October 29, 2015
Lolirock Blog with screenshots
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by on October 27, 2015
Please excuse the lack of eloquence and rushed narration, this is not a story, it is a story concept. In other words, I was typing at the speed of plot bunnies, to get the plot into words before the bunnies ran away. My tense switches at random and some scenes have more detail than others, but this isn't a draft, it's notes. Anyway, I just wanted to clarify that, so you don't expect this to be as detailed or coherent as my actual stories. Nonetheless, you can understand the characters and plot i...
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by on October 20, 2015 Watched Ladybug webisode 2... Spoilers ahead. Just as I expected, they did go all out cliche with the new Adrien and gave him a fan club. I don't like model!Adrien, I miss my geeky!Adrien from the original trailer! Marinette isn't much better as dreamy!Marinette was replaced with stalker!Marinette. She even has charts detailing Adrien's schedule. The only thing that's unexpected is that they're apparently in college instead ...
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