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Not sure about artirifts views on this, but some of my works contain slight nsfw (not safe for work) or slightly offensive material.Yes, I am aware and conscious of people's ideas and views and do not wish to offend anyone. I cannot stress enough that for one to fully appreciate what I do one must at least have a few conversations over a nice cup of steamed tea.Thank you for your cooperation.

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Hello Artrift! If you're reading this, I wanted to test out the creative aspect (and I don't mean this insultingly ), by asking various users to try visualizing a character using some basic facts and back story given by myself. This would be a much appreciated endeavor , as I get to study various styles and technique with the finished results. Any medium would do, just as long as it's a sketched to your satisfaction, even colored. If anyone wants to take up the challenge, here's the character "skeleton": -An 18 year old male student, about 6 feet in height -Carries a heavy burden on soul, from some terrible family accident -Has the power to judge people's sins using his 'special eyes' (go crazy with this one; Naruto fans, I'm lookin at you) ~If it's a person's time to die, he may prematurely "ascend" them to some paradise; if not, hooks on chains come and impale them, tearing them to shreds (Yes, I got this from Hellraisers) ~Yes, this does sound like a Reaper archetype, but I'd like to see people go a different route from that trope -Has a brash and somewhat impulsive personality: based on his current mood, his reactions to certain social situations may deviate drastically from a 'normal' reaction -Followed by a small, strange creature which consistently talks to him at all points of the day, which causes dismay as the creature seems to take no side towards the character's judgements So there you go dear readers! I'm looking forward to seeing what people have to offer from their own minds. If this isn't your thing, calmly walk away and leave this post to rot in cyberspace until it's past the point of a dead post. Happy Rifting!

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A digital artist and acquaintance of mine, Khuan Tru has added me to his growing collection of awesome interviewees. i never realised it was so hard to say a few things about myself lolz. Interview: other interviews:

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Hey there artrift! I have another character challenge for you, I know last time was successful but Now that we have fresh artists I may get more input than last time. I'll cut to the chase; I'm developing a character for a hypothetical series, and he/she/it has abilities based off its own gaseous form. I hereby ask that any artist who thinks they have an epic design for a character completely made from smoke, gas, or otherwise light particles submit their design. There's no catch: I'm not copyrighting anything, nor will credit be taken for unannounced; this is a community building project. I want to see what kinds of styles and input you all have, and hopefully afterwards we can compare and contrast ideas! I'll submit my final conceptual design of my own character at the end. If you wanna take up the challenge, simply Tag "williamgotgas" (yes, I'm aware how ridiculous that sounds) in your sketch/concept and I'll give you a view and like! Thanks a bunch, hope you all have a blast trying this out.

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There is something that bothers me (and many others I'd imagine) which I've noticed happening across the Internet more and more. On fansites, on blogs, on Tumblr, on You Tube, all over the place. Why does everyone keep crediting images to Google?! Google doesn't own the images, it's only a search engine. That's like crediting Netflix for a movie instead of the director. If the image is official art, credit whatever person or company holds the copyright. If the image is fanart, ask the artist for permission to use it, then credit the artist and credit whatever person or company holds the copyright. Optionally, you can credit Google for helping you find the image, but not for the image itself. That is fair use, using things without credits is not fair at all, and crediting a search engine instead of the author is unfair, lazy and just plain stupid.

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tHSI WAS THE FIRST THING I EVER WROTE AND EVEN THOUHG ITS FANFICTION ITS STILL KIND OF GOO D IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF -- For the first time in a few months, Dan sat down. He sat on their old black couch, which had way too much dust on that neither Dan nor Phil ever bothered to clean off. Maybe once or twice, when they had absolutely nothing to do, they partially cleaned the couch. But now the dust was piling up and neither of them just seemed to care. Everything was over. Which meant, everything really, was over. Youtube, Radio 1, liveshows, and, Phil. (that was pretty much everything to Dan, considering he didn’t do much but stay on the internet.) The fights had started a few months ago. They were rare at first, just little arguments about little things which usually ended in cuddles and “im sorrys” and “i love you’s”. But as time progressed, so did the fighting. They became less rare, and not so little. Phil would come home drunk most nights, and Phil wasn’t much of a drinker before all of this had started. He would get mad, and Dan would have to take all of what Phil had for him. It was usually just yelling, in which Dan would only come out of the fight with a tear stained face, and going to bed. In is own bed, like he did every night starting a couple weeks after the fights became less little. But other times, as time progressed, he would come out bruised and sometimes bloody, and again with a tear stained face. Dan would lock his door at night, leaving his light on so he could feel somewhat safe. Sometimes Phil wouldn’t come home. Those nights Dan hoped for, not because he hated Phil, (he still loved him, and always would, no matter how many nights Phil came home drunk and angry), but because he was scared. Dan didn’t like being screamed at, or hit, which no one does. He once tried to lock himself in his room or the bathroom, but Phil only hit and yelled more because of that. He called Dan a coward, for not coming out to get what he deserved. And some nights, Phil wouldn’t come home drunk. Just angry. Those nights he left Dan alone, and last night was one of those nights. Phil came home, from god knows where, and went to his room. He barely acknowledged Dan’s presence, who was sitting on the black, dusty old couch. Maybe a nod, or glance in his direction, but never an official greeting before slamming the door to his room. That night, Dan slept in his own bed, with the lights on. When he woke up, he could hear Phil moving around in his room, and not being very quiet about it. Dan shrugged it off, because it now was a normal thing. A few months earlier, it would have been different. A little fight over a little thing, ending in cuddles and “i love you’s”. Dan longed for that time again, when he and Phil were somewhat okay. Two guys living together in a flat, making youtube videos and watching tv shows. But that was the past, and this is the present. "I’m going." Phil had said before quietly closing the door to the flat, looking at Dan for one last time with something different. His eyes were soft, but face emotionless. Dan got the message. 'I’m sorry.' Those two words were all he needed that day. He knew Phil wasn’t coming home tonight, or tomorrow, or ever. He was going, and never coming back. It wasn’t just some, “I need some time away.” And Dan understood that. Despite all the fights and tearstained faces, he and Phil didn’t forget anything about each other. They held onto it like it was their lifeline, and in a way it kind of was. They still had each other, but not ever in the same way the did. There were no cuddles, no little fights over little things, no “i love you’s”. And now there was no Phil. So Dan sat down, on the dust infested black couch that sat in the half empty flat. And he thought about everything. Everything that was, that is, and that will never be. He sat until the sky darkened, and watched as stars slowly started to appear. And Dan felt something he hadn’t felt in a few months, let alone thought about. He felt at peace. But Dan still closed his door at night. He still locked it. And he still slept with his light on.

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Hello, Where should I start off at. I moved from DA (deviantart) to artrift simply cause DA has ignorant shit going on, & I rather not be on a site were art theft is allowed and having to pay $50 to has a PM. Anyways! my name is molly (Nickname), My real name is kylie. You can call me either one, does not bother me. I'm new at art so I won't be posting art 24/7. So, your most welcome to talk to me.

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Hey guys! I know I've listed my other website profiles before, but I'm going to pool them all in one place for easier access and less clicking. Here you go. 1: Tumblr Blog--- 2: YouTube Channel--- 3: Email My Happy viewing.

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Here is just part one of a story I wrote. You can read the complete thing on my blog. Life and Death Part 1 Daniel got into his car and headed off to work. He had to stop by the office to get some papers before he went to the airport. He worked for Cunningham as an insurance broker. Cunningham was one of the biggest insurance companies and Daniel was getting called to the main branch for one of the biggest meetings of his career. After he boarded the plane and got settled he went to sleep. All of a sudden the plain jerked to the left and there was a loud BOOM and Daniel woke up. “Everyone pleases calm down,” Said the flight attendant. “We’re all going to die!” Someone said as the plane started to go down. 29,000 feet to impact. Time started to slow down. 19,000 feet to impact. Daniel saw a field down below. 15,000 feet to impact. Everyone started to panic. “Are we going to die?” asked the little boy next to Him “I don’t know,” he said. 10,000 feet to impact. “I’m scared,” said the boy. Daniel could see the tears in his eyes as he started to cry. “He looks just like my son Timmy,” thought Daniel. 5,000 feet to impact “I’m never going to see him again.” 4,000 feet to impact. ”What’s your name?” Daniel asked the boy. “Terence,” replied the boy. 3,000 feet to impact. Time was getting slower and slower. 2,000 feet to impact. By this time Daniel had come to terms with the death that awaited him and everyone else on the plane. 1,000 feet to impact. “This is when my life should flash before my eyes right?” he thought. 900 feet to impact. He could see a field down in front of the plane. 800 feet to impact. Daniel could see a man standing in the field. 700 feet to impact. Wait if I die who will take care of Timmy? 600 feet to impact. I can’t die yet! 500 feet to impact. How could that man just stand there? 400 feet to impact. Did he have a gun? 300 feet to impact. No don’t do it! 200 feet to impact. If only I had a second chance. 100 feet to impact. And the world went dark.

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May be a day or so before you see any art here. I recently decided to part from an art site I was using for the past 11 years... or its looking strongly like I will be leaving (DeviantArt). I'm currently looking for new avenues to share my work that are sites that are significantly less sleazy and actually care about artists. I'm currently on several other art websites (Weasyl, Wysp, Toyhouse and Furaffinity though this one is currently not being used but I plan to revive my account!) and a few non art sites (Tumblr, flight rising and Twitter). Basically I'll be looking through my galleries and trying to summarize my body of work so I don't need to repost 100+ images here ._. G.