William See
by on January 22, 2015
Hello Artrift!

If you're reading this, I wanted to test out the creative aspect (and I don't mean this insultingly Groovy Banana ), by asking various users to try visualizing a character using some basic facts and back story given by myself. This would be a much appreciated endeavor , as I get to study various styles and technique with the finished results. Any medium would do, just as long as it's a sketched to your satisfaction, even colored.

If anyone wants to take up the challenge, here's the character "skeleton":

-An 18 year old male student, about 6 feet in height

-Carries a heavy burden on soul, from some terrible family accident

-Has the power to judge people's sins using his 'special eyes' (go crazy with this one; Naruto fans, I'm lookin at you)
~If it's a person's time to die, he may prematurely "ascend" them to some paradise; if not, hooks on chains come and impale them, tearing them to shreds (Yes, I got this from Hellraisers)
~Yes, this does sound like a Reaper archetype, but I'd like to see people go a different route from that trope

-Has a brash and somewhat impulsive personality: based on his current mood, his reactions to certain social situations may deviate drastically from a 'normal' reaction

-Followed by a small, strange creature which consistently talks to him at all points of the day, which causes dismay as the creature seems to take no side towards the character's

So there you go dear readers! I'm looking forward to seeing what people have to offer from their own minds. If this isn't your thing, calmly walk away and leave this post to rot in cyberspace until it's past the point of a dead post. Happy Rifting!
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William See
I should mention that any actual submissions can be inboxed to me. Thanks!
That sounds cool, I might try it later.