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I'm offically back and ready to kick ass again after a long hiatus, now to debunk more shitty emails from the DNC itself send to me by e-mail to scare me into voting Democrat, the problem is i'm immune to their fearmongering.

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9:26 AM (3 hours ago)
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to Evan
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Dear fellow MoveOn member,

Only three days after the a white supremacist mass shooter in El Paso killed 22 people, Tucker Carlson went primetime on Fox News and declared that white supremacy is "not a real problem." He called it a "hoax" before the victims even had time to be buried. 


As opposed to Legacy Media calling for gun control and censorship while the bodies are warm.

Also here's what Tucker Carlson actually said.  

He said that the threat of White SUprmarcy is vastly overblown, not that it didn't exist and he's 100 correct on his assessment BTW. Out of all terrorist groups, White Supreaircst terrorism is far less common than the media is honestly reporting.

148 people were killed by White Surpmeacists since the 1970s

At least 250,000 Mexicans are killed by the Cartel since the 1980s. Going by merely all that, the Cartel has killed 1,689.2 times as many Mexicans as white supremacists killed all nonwhites and this is merely Mexican citizens within Mexico.


The homicide rate divide by years would imply that White terrorism kills on average 4 people a year if we're going by rates meaning that assuming average, meaning white supremacists are likely to attack once every 3 months, of course, this is by the rate


The Cartel, on the other hand, kills on average 23 people per day meaning that the Cartel kills on average roughly one person per hour. For White Supremacists terrorists to kill as many non-whites as the Mexican Cartel does within 30 years, it would take them roughly 62,500 years based on homicide rates.


Also, the rate Americans are killed by Illegals of all races is FAR higher than the rate Americans are killed by White Supremacist terrorism..  between 2011 and 2017 in Texas, alone, there were 1,167 homicide charges against illegal aliens. This would make the annual death toll of Illegal Immigration 195, this would make the average rate of murder by illegals 1.31 times the rate of white supremacist terrorism in over 40 years within one year.


Meaning in 6 years, Illegal Immrgaitonm would kill 8.73 times the rate of White Supremacist terrorism within 40 years. Considering the vast majority of criminal aliens are involved with Cartels either as Drug Mules, Gangsters, and Coyotes, it could be arguably Narco-Terrorism if true then this would debunk "White Terrorists" as the ones killing the most people.



Narcoterrorism kills even more people within Mexico, more Americans have died in the hands of Narco-Terrorism than American troops died within the Iraq War. An estimated 5,700 Americans in Mexico were killed since 2006 due to Cartel Narco-Terrorism in Mexico, so if we're going by foregin by foreign murders, you are 38 times more likely to die in Mexico as an American tourist than you are as an Illegal Immigrant in America from terrorism.


when adjusting to the timeframe of 40 years and homicide rate, the number of American's killed averages to 438 per year over a 13 year time period verus the average homicide rate of hate groups and white supremacist terrorism which is a measly 4 per year, going by yearly rate alone, that's over 109 times the rate of murder as "Right-Wing Terrorism"

Given we got 22 Million Illegals, at least 12 million from Mexico, the odds of being killed annually by a White Supremacist is only 1/3,000,000 which is just slightly higher odds of being a law-abiding black citizen being killed by a white supremacist or a racist. a corrupt cop, by contrast, the chance of a Mexican migrant being killed by Cartel is 1/27,397

In fact inculding the number of Americans killed overseas by Islamic terrorism which numbers at over 1,0000, the 3,000 killed in 9/11 with 3,000 more dying from 9/11 health illnesses and the 136 individual mostly "Lone Wolf" homegrown Islamic terrorist attacks since 1973, Islamic terrorism sits on the top of the chart as the deadliest form of terrorism putting its current death toll at 7,136 deaths overall caused by Muslim terrorism against Americans, this is not counting warfare like the war in Afghanistan or Iraq.


Counting Timothy McVeigh, the current rate of people killed by Right Wing terrorism is only 317 over 40 years, so yeah i guess 3rd place is the new first place.


Black Inddnenity Extremists are next in line as they shot 102 cops in 2016 and 98 around 2017 putting the movement's death toll at least 200 as of 2018


Then there's Left-wing terrorism which including the Las Vegas Shooter who was proven to be a far-left ANTIFA supporter, the Dayton shooter just recently and the Texas Church Shooter, counting all these as Left-Wing terrorism with 22 other Left-wing terrorist attacks that occurred before 2016 making it 117 deaths killed by Left-wing terrorism.


Terrorism body count(All terrorist attacks since 1973)

1. Islamic Jihad =7,136 kills (52.43%)


2.Narco Terrorism= at least 5,700 deaths(41.9%)


3. Right-Wing Terrorism(Army of God., Abortion Clinic Bombers, White SUprmeacists, Modern KKK)=317(2.33%)


4. Black identity extremists groups = at least 200 cops as of 2017(1.5%)


5. Left-Wing Terrorism(ANTIFA, Black Block)=117 dearths(0.86%)

6.Black Liberation Army 13 people (0.095%)


7.Jewish Defense Leauge: At least 5 to 10 deaths, some in Israel(


8. Envoemtinalist terrorists: 0 deaths but commit the most property crime terrorism


Nowhere close to the ADL's claims that Right Wing Exteminism making up 70% of American death tolls


Overall death toll: from terrorism since 1973:13,610 killed

Overall death toll from mass shootings since 1966:17,066 killed


You are 1,.5 times more likely to die from Mass shootings than the terrorism of any kind based on the overall toll. Adjusting to homicide rate annually, the average is 322 per year in mass shootings and 296 from terrorism this is going by rate.

While it's true based on mass shooting rates, Mass shooters have killed more Americans than terrorism since 1966 with at least 17,066 Americans killed by mass shooters since then, most mass shooters are not politically motivated and only 3 Mass shootings as of recent history could be tied to actual White Nationalism as opposed to 6 major mass shootings done by Muslims which pales in comparison the thousands of mass shootings that occurred over 5 decades, 89% of them happening in "Gun Free Zones" with strict gun control in Democrat cities and states with the majority of mass shooters being at least registered Democrats who hated guns..

See the source image#" style="box-sizing:border-box; border:0px; vertical-align:middle; max-width:100%; display:block" />

BTW this is not a defense of White Spumrarcy or anything on that level, if you want to argue that historically White Sirmarcist terrorism killed the most people, you would be onto something as over 5,000 black men were lynched   between the end  of the Civil War and the Civil Rights Act of 1964-1965 and this is based on confrimed statistics, likely far more were lynched but never reported however  this is historical, we're not talking about terrorism back in 1919, we're talking about  terrorism within 2019.

See the source image#" style="box-sizing:border-box; border:0px; vertical-align:middle; max-width:100%; display:block" />

The KKK in 1919 had over 6.5 million Americans who were part of their ranks


Inculding an actual racist  "Democrat President'


In 2019,  there are only  5,000 KKK members and they're barely  active as a terrorist organization

With the very last notable terrorist attack done by the KKK merely 38 years ago back in 1981 that caused the organization to collapse.


Hell, they can't even get more than 10 people to show up to their event at this point much less be a considerable terror threat.


Also, everyone rightfully condemns the KKK for being a racist hate group and a terrorist organization.


Meanwhile, we got pundits and politcains apologizing and covering up ANTIFA Terrorism which is no different from the KKK terrorism on its fundamental level.

See the source image

See the source image#" style="box-sizing:border-box; border:0px; vertical-align:middle; max-width:100%; display:block" />

Also for those in the Black community worrying about  "MUH KKK",  black on black crime kills an average of 6,095  African Americans per year on average,  the KKK at their peak going by at least Lynching deaths is about 5,000 and that was done over 100 years. More Blacks are killed each year by Black on Black Homicide than they are killed by the KKK.   The KKK has a homicide rate of 50 blacks per year going by dividing the number of blacks killed by them,  contrast this with the homicide rate of blacks killed by blacks in 2019 which is 6,095, that's an overwhelming  129.1 times the rate of the KKK lynchings,  This is a ridiculous amount of black youths killed by black on black crime.   Hell if you conflate the numbers with terrorism which has an annual homicide rate of 296  per year,  black on black crime kills  20.5 times as many people as all terrorists attack combined per year and kill 18.9 times as much people as mass shooting does per year.

See the source image#" style="box-sizing:border-box; border:0px; vertical-align:middle; max-width:100%; display:block" />

That's just murder alone, on assaults, the numbers aren't even close whites are   5.16 times more likely to be assaulted by blacks annually than the other way around.

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And if you adjust for popluation size of races, Blacks are over 25 times more likely to commit a violent assault against white people than the other way around.

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And when it comes to aggravated Assult, it's not even fucking close.

See the source image#" style="box-sizing:border-box; border:0px; vertical-align:middle; max-width:100%; display:block" />

Where are the marches for blacks killed by black on black crime? Wher'es the calls for gun laws on this?

See the source image#" style="box-sizing:border-box; border:0px; vertical-align:middle; max-width:100%; display:block" />

See the source image#" style="box-sizing:border-box; border:0px; vertical-align:middle; max-width:100%; display:block" />

The vast majority of these Black on Black Homicides within Democrat-controlled major cites which are some of the worst cities in America.

See the source image#" style="box-sizing:border-box; border:0px; vertical-align:middle; max-width:100%; display:block" />

All that have strict gun control and run by shitty Neo-Liberal ecomonic and social policies

See the source image#" style="box-sizing:border-box; border:0px; vertical-align:middle; max-width:100%; display:block" />

And 9/10's of all mass shootings happening in gun-free zones.

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With  90% of Blacks brainwashed to voting Democrat 

See the source image#" style="box-sizing:border-box; border:0px; vertical-align:middle; max-width:100%; display:block" />

Which is very ironic considering what LBJ predicted


So yeah the real issue here is gun control and the nigga mentality that kills the most people in America, not "MUH WHITE SUPREMACY" and not because we have too many guns.

See the source image#" style="box-sizing:border-box; border:0px; vertical-align:middle; max-width:100%; display:block" />

A Nigga mentality prpeirurated by lies by Democrats and their house nigga  Black Casus allies who push the myth that the Democrats are the black communities allies, the same people who would label MLK an Uncle Tom for not being "woke" enough.

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The same nigga mentality that ignores that Democrats up until the end of the civil rights movement has been on the wrong side of history



 See the source image#" style="box-sizing:border-box; border:0px; vertical-align:middle; max-width:100%; display:block" />

Notice that most gun crime, in general, happens in Democrat controlled districts, cities, and states?

See the source image

Notice the very worst cites in terms of gun crime happen to be Democartic cities ran by Democrats for more than a half a century?

See the source image#" style="box-sizing:border-box; border:0px; vertical-align:middle; max-width:100%; display:block" />

Noticed the vast majority of mass shooters are Democrats?


Yet there's

See the source image#" style="box-sizing:border-box; border:0px; vertical-align:middle; max-width:100%; display:block" />

To the people on the Democratic Plantation, wake the fuck up.


You are ltierally backing disarmament laws

See the source image

Passed by this racist fuck 


That's destroying your community.


Gun control is the reason why have a high homicide rate and should be the thing we're taking action on, not this mythical White SPurmacry shit that is killing slower of a rate than Black on black gun homicides a year.

The mythical rise of "RACISM" is not the cause of your problems, it's Democartic gun policies that are the rise of the black communities problems.


This is a blatant lie from Tucker Carlson. The only reason he is lying is because he has propagated similarly anti-immigrant, xenophobic, and blatantly racist ideas that are bent on fear-mongering. 

Translation:'Tucker Carlson is against Open Borders hence because he's against Globalism and Open Borders, we're deeming him as a Racist, Anti Immrmgrant Xenophobe because we're too disingenuous to make a good faith arugment on Open Borders hence we conflate illegal Immrgiants with Legal Immigrants.

Also, there's no fearmongering, there's edivence that the Migrant Caravans are literally invading America in waves unprecedented in American History.


Tucker wants to think that white supremacy is a hoax, because he does not want to accept that he is complicit in giving voice to these ideas. He does not want to see how his words could have influenced a white supremacist mass shooter. 

Translation: We're so disingenuous and lacking any arugment, we're conflating Conseravtismwith White Supremacy, we're also going to ignore that the El Paso Shooter was a Leftist who wanted Universal Healthcare Universal Basic Income and politically was on the left but we're going to conflate the fact the shooter was a White Spurmarcist to push this ficitonal narrative of "MAGA Terrrosits" even though he was a Resigeted Democrat



Advertisers, including Procter & Gamble, Expedia, Applebee's, Trivago, Allstate, and many others, need to stop supporting Fox News' lies before it's too late. We cannot have another white supremacist open fire on a public place targeting immigrants and people of color. 


Translation, let's try to shut down a critic of Open Borders Migrant Policies under the guise of "MUH RACISM"  and justify this by  conflating criticism of Open Borders with an actual White SUpmracist terrorists, all while ignoring the racist mass shooter in question isn't even close to right-wing

Sign this petition demanding that advertisers drop Tucker Carlson and Fox News.

#efefef; margin:1em 0px; padding:1em; border-radius:8px; text-align:center">Stop Tucker Carlson from supporting and propagating a white supremacist agenda on Fox News. Let's call out advertiser that are funding this agenda.

Tucker needs to be taken off the air, and his advertisers need to stop funding hate, especially now that he is purposefully misinforming Fox News viewers about the rise of white supremacy. 

Fox News and Tucker have served as megaphones for Trump's white supremacist and xenophobic ideas. 

By white supremacist, you mean wanting to secure our borders as Obama did? Funny how not a single person ever bitched about Obama's Immigration policies and this man deported currently more illegals than even Turmp but for Turmp wanting to expand on Obama's deportations, that's somehow "White Supremacist"? Gimme a fucking break.

Also the president with the lowest unemployment rate amongst Blacks and Latinos and gave the most money to Black colleges of any president in recent memory sure is a white Supriamcist amirite?  If Turmp is a  White SUpmracist, i'm an openly gay man who sucked off 100 dicks, I've debunked this narrative a million times already that it's become comical to even bring up the vast hypocrisy from legacy media, Al Sharpton and Black organization who up until 2011 was singing Trump's praises and gave him awards for diversity yet the sooner he criticizes Obama's citizenship,  he becomes the Grand Wizzard of the KKK.

Nevermind it was Hillary Clinton's campaign who started the birther movement and nevermind Turmp himself apologized for buying into the conspiracy theory but because he held one wrong opinion on Obama, he is forever a racist bigot and what he did for the black community no longer matters because"MUH TWEETS".

Also, there's nothing Xenophobic or racist about wanting to protect your borders, if so Mexico is full of racist and so is the Democratic Party because Obama paid Mexico Billions for Mexico to build a southern border wall with its southern neighbors.  Also if Turmp is racist for wanting to crack down on criminal aliens, what does that make Bill Clinton?

Advertisers have the opportunity to hold them accountable and stop serving as sponsors for this lying and hate speech. 

Add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.

Thanks for all you do.

—Michelle Sandoval

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Tranlsaikton: We're a Goerge Soros Superac that funds ANTIFA anf Black Lives Matter and break countless ethics laws, campaign finance laws and even the law itself to try to shut down free speech by any means necessary. We claim to be progressive but we're actually salty Neo-Liberals from our mostly white gated communities living off Daddy's trust fund.


As for you trying to swing the nation back to sanity and decency...LOL! Yah what bullshit, I'm all for people doing what they want but you are the same people who try to normalize Pedophilia and other forms of eDegernarcy hat makes even my porn seem vanilla in comparison. What you really mean is that you want to swing is back to the status quo under Obama and make shit worse from there


Click here to chip in $3, or whatever you can afford.

How about No!




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Erica Mauter, Civic Action <> Unsubscribe

Jun 20, 2019, 9:34 PM
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to Evan
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Dear MoveOn member,
"It is tempting to divorce this modern campaign of terror, of plunder, from enslavement, but the logic of enslavement, of white supremacy respects no such borders. And the god of bondage was lustful and begat many heirs: coup d'etats and convict leasing, vagrancy laws and debt peonage, redlining and racist G.I. bills, poll taxes and state-sponsored terrorism."
Those were the words of author Ta-Nehisi Coates before Congress yesterday, in a historic session that began to discuss what steps our nation could take toward restorative justice for our Black communities, including the topic of reparations.
Translation: Fuck you give me money!
In all seriousness though, that's some massive amounts of entitlement to demand free shit because of your ancestors were slaves to 1% of white people hence because of this injustice, all white people have to pay you money regardless of socioeconomic class but because they're white? 
Also, White Supremacy has no borders? I love this attempt to make  White Suprmacrcy as this scary boogeyman form the far left, in reality, White Supremacy is barely is a threat within the US border much less aboard.  Stop acting like it's the 1800's and Europeans are colonizing Africa.
Reparations is not a new idea—and for three decades, members of Congress have introduced H.R.40, a bill to establish a commission that would study reparations. But only once before, in 2007, has Congress even held a hearing on the bill.'
Yeah and they must've  determined based on the overwhelming failure of Reparations for the Native Americans, it would be a terrible idea to give Blacks free shit,  after all when something is"Free" it has no value and Reparations isn't going to fix the current problems with the black community, most of them completely self-inflicted by Black people. The most you can blame whitey for recently is the Crack Epidemic and even then, it wasn't like niggas weren't killing niggas by the thousands prior anyways.
We think it's important that all Americans deeply consider this discussion—starting by watching Coates' opening remarks before the House of Representatives. Click here to watch this three-minute video—then share it with your friends with what you learned, what surprised or compelled you, and what questions you have about reparations.
I frankly can give two shits what this House nigger on the Democartic Plantation has to say, i care about the facts and the facts are that Reparations is a terrible idea in general, it didn't work for the Native Americans and it sure as hell won't work for Black People.



Dave Chapelle made a whole skit about this  many years ago with the current Nigga mentality of the black community and none of you better try to deny this either, but especially with the current mentality   that black people would, in general, blow their Reperartions money on stupid shit and not spend it wisely because the problem with the Black Community isn't racism, it's lack of responsibility and lack of good role models within the community


Of the top five problems in the black community, Racism isn't even remotely a priority compared to single-parent households, bad voting patterns, voting against  your best  interests, shitty black politicians
Ta-Nehisi Coates before Congress
You can also click the following links to watch it on Twitter or on Instagram
After you watch it, you can consider reading Coates' essay, "The Case for Reparations," published in The Atlanticin 2014; or consider this Juneteenth reflection by journalist Vann R. Newkirk II, this TEDx talk from The New Jim Crow author Michelle Alexander, or this essay by the American Civil Liberties Union.
In short, bullshit arguments that amount to "Fuck you, give me money because i'm a nigger on the Democartic Plantation". Listen to Slavery and Segeraritonw ere terrible things to have to black folks, i come from a family who's ancestors were slaves 400 years ago, but that's in the distant past, get the fuck over it at this point.  You don't see the Irish, Mexicans or Chinese calling for Reperaritons despite being almost as badly treated like blacks.
We are at a moment when more people are ready to have this discussion. Congress is holding the first hearing in 12 years and only the second in history on such a bill. Presidential candidates—including Booker, Castro, Harris, O'Rourke, Warren, and Williamson—have raised this topic on the campaign trail. Even conservative writers like David Brooks in The New York Times are willing to supportively write about reparations. In our own surveys, three-quarters of MoveOn members either support some form of reparations or are interested in learning more.
Translation,Democrats using :"UH REPRARITONS" to sucker dumbass black people into voting for them knknowing very well  Rpararitons would never happen   and the Alatanic of all places debunks this bullshit.

) The program will expand to additional groups.

Within only a very few months of the implementation of Philadelphia plan, preferences of various kinds were extended to women, Hispanics, and other groups. With any program of reparations, likewise, other claimants will come forward. If African Americans are due payment for slavery and subjugation, what about Native Americans, who lost a whole continent? What about Mexican-Americans, who were deprived by the Mexican-American war of the right to migrate into half their former country? Japanese Americans, interned during World War II? Chinese Americans, the victims of coolie labor and the Oriental Exclusion Acts? Members of these groups may concede that they were not maltreated in the same way as African Americans—and may not be entitled to exactly the same consideration. But if black Americans are entitled to almost a trillion dollars in compensation (Coates suggests a figure of $34 billion a year “for a decade or two”) surely these other maltreated groups must be entitled at least to something?

Coates’s essay is built on an unstated assumption that America’s racial composition is essentially binary, a white majority that inflicts inequality; a black minority that suffers inequality. Others enter into his imagination only at the hazy edges: "One cannot escape the question by hand-waving at the past, disavowing the acts of one’s ancestors, nor by citing a recent date of ancestral immigration. … A nation outlives its generations.”

But the “others” are now 25 percent of the nation and rising fast. Does the Fujianese delivery man pedaling through the brownstones of Fort Greene owe a debt to the people whose food he carries? How much? The reparations idea—so long politically outlandish—has become thinkable today because of the gathering power of the Obama political coalition. But nothing would blow that coalition apart faster than the internal redistribution Coates contemplates from some constituencies to others. And if the idea is that the newest arrivals to America will be persuaded to accept paying reparations as a cost of immigration—or that new Americans can be cajoled to pay a symbolic something because the bulk of the burden will be carried by the dwindling white majority (a majority that already feels ever more culturally insecure and economically beset)—well, that’s a prescript for an even more dangerous political explosion.

2) The question of who qualifies will become ever more contested and embittered.

Under today’s racial preference rules, a nephew of the King of Spain or the daughter of the chairman of the biggest bank in Chile would both qualify for Hispanic preferences if they resided in the United States. Harvard can (and does) meet its African American diversity requirements with the children of recent African immigrants, whose families never experienced slavery or segregation in this country.

The problem of “who qualifies?” is explosive enough with hiring and admissions preferences. As the benefits at stake expand to the vast dimensions urged by Coates, the question will become more explosive yet. Does a mixed race person qualify? How mixed? What about recent immigrants from Africa or the West Indies? What about future immigrants? What about illegal immigrants from Africa who subsequently gain legalization—would amnesty come with a check attached?

3) Side effects will be large and unexpected.

Affirmative action characterizes some parts of the American economy more strongly than others, and in particular the public sector more than the private sector. This pervading fact has shaped the growth of the black middle class. Black Americans are 30 percent more likely than non-blacks to work in the public sector, where they earn higher wages relative to whites than they do in private employment. This strategy brought security to many black families in the years between 1970 and 2008.

But the strategy came at a cost.

First, the strategy tethered black economic advancement to the growth of government. That growth has become ever more fiercely contested in recent years. Since 2008, it has abruptly halted and reversed.

Second, the strategy detoured talented people away from the higher risks and rewards of the private sector, and especially from entrepreneurship. Black Americans are less than half as likely as white to own their own businesses.

A reparations plan is likely to prove even more distorting.

If paid to individuals as an income stream, reparations would dis-incentivize work.

If paid to individuals as a lump sum, reparations would expose one of America’s least financially sophisticated populations to predatory practices that would make subprime lending seem socially responsible by contrast.

If paid to institutions or collective entities … well, let’s look at that under another header.

4) The program will work severe inequities.

Affirmative action’s quirks and injustices are notorious. But they will be nothing compared to the strange consequences of a reparations program. Not all black people are poor. Not all non-black people are rich. Does Oprah have a housecleaner? Who changes the diapers of Beyonce’s baby? Who files Herman J. Russell’s taxes? Will their wages be taxed and the proceeds redirected to their employers?

Within the target population, will all receive the same? Same per person, or same per family? Or will there be adjustment for need? How will need be measured? Will convicted criminals be eligible? If not, the program will exclude perhaps one million African Americans. If yes, the program would potentially tax victims of rape and families of the murdered for the benefit of their assailants.

And if reparations were somehow delivered communally and collectively, disparities of wealth and power and political influence within black America will become even more urgent. Simply put, when government spends money on complex programs, the people who provide the service usually end up with much more sway over the spending than the spending’s intended beneficiaries. The poorer the beneficiaries, the more powerfully this rule holds—and it has held strongest of all in programs intended to aid the black poor. The District of Columbia public schools have excelled at delivering stable jobs to their unionized employees. They have failed their students.

5) The legitimacy of the project will rapidly fade.

Affirmative action ranks among the least popular thing that U.S. governments do. When surveyed, white Americans crushingly reject race preferences, Hispanic Americans object by a margin of 2 to 1, and black Americans are almost evenly divided, with only the slightest plurality in favor.

Now imagine how Americans will feel when what is redistributed by racial calculus is not university admissions or workplace promotions but actual, foldable cash.

Ta-Nehisi Coates anticipates this trouble by suggesting that reparations might be paid not to individuals but collectively to African Americans as a group. He favorably cites the example of German reparations to the state of Israel after World War II.

But the state of Israel was a sovereign, elected by a democratic process. Few in the Jewish world doubted that Israel could and did act for the Jewish people as a whole. Black Americans, however, do not have a state of their own. If reparations are deemed some kind of collective debt to black Americans as a group, rather than to black Americans as individuals, then the question will arise: Who decides how this money will be distributed? Some kind of National Endowment for Black America? Chosen how? Accountable to whom?

Harvard Law professor Charles Ogletree suggests widening the concept of reparations even further, into a national "program of job training and public works that takes racial justice as its mission but includes the poor of all races.” In that case, reparations would cease to be a new program, but would become instead a new argument in favor of the preexisting policy preferences of the left wing of the Democratic party. Earlier in his article, Coates quotes with seeming disdain the radio host Rush Limbaugh’s disparagement of the Affordable Care Act as a form of “reparations." But aren’t Limbaugh and Ogletree more or less in agreement here?

Coates dismisses all these questions and so many others. He suggests the country first enact Rep. John Conyers’ Reparations Bill and then open a discussion about how reparations would work. But committing yourself to a solution before you have any idea whether such a solution is workable—or, rather, in defiance of pretty strong reasons that your solution is utterly unworkable—is not a responsible reaction to America’s racial dilemmas.

Instead, we’ll be all too likely to repeat once more the sad pattern of so many civil rights initiatives: the bold announcement, the raised hopes, the unexpected difficulties, the suppression of open discussion of those difficulties, the ossifying of the project into bureaucracy, the realization of failure, the discovery of the political impossibility of reforming or repairing the failure.

* * *

In his Lincoln Memorial address of 1963, Martin Luther King spoke of the words of the Declaration of Independence as “promissory note” on which the nation had defaulted. He meant this as a metaphor, not a financial analysis. Ta-Nehisi Coates has taken him literally. King understood, however, that the wrongs of which he spoke could not be redressed with money (or money alone), and that is even more true today than in 1963.

A real-world example:

Young black Americans spend on average 4.5 hours more per day with electronic media (notably television, video games, and other forms of online entertainment) than do their white counterparts, for a total in excess of 13 hours. While all young people spend a lot of time in front of screens, black youth watch far and away the most television: almost 3.5 hours per day, or an hour and a quarter more than young whites. Almost 80 percent of black youth say they "usually" eat meals in front of a TV.

The disparity is growing wider, not narrowing, as more forms of electronic media become available. The disparity shrinks, but does not disappear, with education and income. The best predictor of how much TV a child will watch is not whether he or she lives in a single or two-parent family. It is not family income or wealth. It is race: Even the most advantaged black youth spend 90 minutes more per day with electronic media than do their white contemporaries. It won’t surprise you to hear that heavy use of electronic media correlates with all kinds of bad outcomes, from obesity to poor school performance. (Across all races, only about 16-20 minutes per day of screentime is connected to schoolwork.)

It’s not difficult to draw a chain of causation from the exploitation so stirringly described by Ta-Nehisi Coates to the TV-dependence of black youth in the 2010s. In this case, however, detailing the cause does not reveal the remedy. To realize their full potential, those kids must watch less TV. No plausible government program can shut down their devices for them. That decision—like almost every decision that leads to self- and collective improvement—must come from within families and within individuals.

The great white lie America tells itself is that the passage of civil-rights laws in the 1960s and '70s lifted the burden of the racial past. But racial subjugation imposed over 350 years could not and was not alleviated over a single generation. Today’s white Americans inherit financial assets and human capital accumulated over a long span of time—and very possibly by robbing or cheating victims of color.

In refuting that lie, however, Ta-Nehisi Coates advances an error that also does harm: that black Americans can build their future by debunking white Americans’ illusions about their past. It does not work that way. Racism may have turned the TV set on. Anti-racism won’t turn the TV set off.

The government of the United States could trace the genealogy of every white family and send a massive bill to the descendants of every slaveholder and every slumlord who did business from 1619 through 1968. It could redistribute that money in a princely lump sum. But that money won’t change unhealthy dietary patterns, or enhance language skills, or teach the habits on which thriving communities are built.

Germany and Israel may not be historically exact precedent for Coates’s plan. The more exact precedent may be the sudden surge of oil wealth into the Middle East after 1973. Nations that had always felt themselves cheated of their due suddenly saw their incomes triple and quadruple. Yet the nations did not progress. The wealth of nations is built on their human capital—and the oil income not only failed to enrich them, but oftentimes incentivized behavior that left (or will leave) those nations in many ways worse off than before.

The human qualities that advance a community and a nation were defiantly acquired by black Americans themselves under conditions of horrifying adversity. Their development has accelerated as equality has come nearer to view.


Disparities remain, of course. Coates challenges all Americans to remember where those disparities came from—and to think hard what is owed to those on the wrong end of them.

What I’m talking about is more than recompense for past injustices—more than a handout, a payoff, hush money, or a reluctant bribe. What I’m talking about is a national reckoning that would lead to spiritual renewal. Reparations would mean the end of scarfing hot dogs on the Fourth of July while denying the facts of our heritage. Reparations would mean the end of yelling “patriotism” while waving a Confederate flag. Reparations would mean a revolution of the American consciousness, a reconciling of our self-image as the great democratizer with the facts of our history.

If “reparations” means remembrance and repentance for the wrongs of the past, then let’s have reparations. Americans tell a too-flattering version of their national story. They treat slavery as ancillary rather than essential. They forget that the work of slaves paid this country’s import bill from the 17th century until 1860. They do not acknowledge that the “freedom” championed by slaveholding Founding Fathers, including the author of the Declaration of Independence, included the freedom to own other human beings as property. They can no longer notice how slavery is stitched into every line of the Constitution and was supported by every single early national institution. The self-reckoning we see in Germany and other European countries does not come easily to Americans—and is still outright rejected by many.

If “reparations” means intensifying the nation’s commitment to equal opportunity for all its people—and most especially for the descendants of those once enslaved—then (again) let’s have reparations. Better schools, more jobs, some form of universal health coverage, an immigration policy that does not exert endless downward pressure on the wages of America’s least skilled workers, improved nutrition especially in early childhood, higher taxes on alcohol, more effective and less punitive enforcement of drug laws—there’s a program of group betterment awaiting the right advocates at the right time.

But if “reparations” means what most Americans reasonably interpret it to mean—cash flowing from some Americans to others in race-conscious ways meant to redress the racial wrongs of the past—then it’s a disastrous idea for all groups in society.

And if, when you advocate reparations, you aren’t sure which of the above things it does mean, then your advocacy should be postponed until you are.

When evern the Alatanic outright admits Reprarations would not work, then you know the argument is fucked from the getgo and this is a idsingennous, manaptuivle tatci of Democarts to sheepdog blacks into the Planation.


It is long past time to debate that centuries of injustice against Black people in America—from enslavement to Jim Crow to mass incarceration and more—have resulted in wealth accrued by white Americans from the labor of Black people who were denied the ability to share in that wealth, and are upheld by policies that have persisted well past slavery to continue to deny Black Americans a fair share of the economic opportunity in the United States.
Translaiton:We want money  and to speard the wealth using racism as a front for Straight up communism and hoping you dumb niggers on the Democartic Planaation are sutpid enough to buy into are bullshit lies know very well that Repararations even if there was a credible reason to happen, tit would never happen.

Also, fucker you're not entitled to shit in America, you have oppournties to get rich, Micheal Jackson, Micheal Jordan, and countless black celebritie\and MIllionares along with Billionaires  
It was clear from testifiers at yesterday's hearing—on both sides of the reparations argument—that we don't have a shared national understanding of what repairing this harm should entail. Episcopal bishop the Rt. Rev. Eugene Taylor Sutton made a moral case. Labor economist Dr. Julianne Malveaux made an economic case. Ta-Nehisi Coates implored us to fully embrace our history. Indeed, many of the concerns expressed by conservative commentators—like a preference to invest in education—would be the kinds of potential solutions that H.R.40's commission would explore. We're grateful to the activists and writers who have pushed so hard and for so long to force America to engage in this conversation.
In other words, fuck all the black people who actually eanr their shit like white people, give us free shit whitey.
So please check out the video of Coates before Congress, read more for yourself—and share what you learn on social media. The more of us who discuss reparations, the more we'll bring our own friends and family into the conversation.

Thanks for all you do.

– Erica, Jenn, Isbah, Seth, and the rest of the team

You can kindly suck my dick. Here are the reaosns Raparartions would never happen and never work.


#" />

There is much talks about reparations payments for black Americans these days. Ta-Nehesi Coates’ much-praised article in The Atlantic, “The Case for Reparations,” frames slavery as merely the founding injustice of black American life, one that was followed by many others and amounted to a catastrophic theft of value from blacks.

No doubt. Yet the case for reparations is tied up in the question of what would happen if black Americans received large lump-sum payments. Let’s put aside the many details that surround how reparations would work and assume that huge payments were indeed made to black Americans. What would happen?

Reparations probably wouldn’t accomplish what they’re meant to do: Place black Americans on a permanently raised economic plateau, one near that of white Americans. Statistics about the economic disparities of these two groups are grim, and shocking: As of 2012, for instance, the median household net worth of white Americans was more than twenty times that of blacks. Median adjusted household income  for blacks is only 59 percent of that for whites.

The reparations plans that have been suggested, however, would work a lot like lotteries. Coates suggests a large lump sum distributed to a single generation over a period of "a decade or two." Slate’s Jamelle Bouie suggests either a cash boost for existing government social-welfare and infrastructure projects (which might sound too indirect to count as reparations, at least to the average American) or “baby bonds” which black Americans, who have been given low-yield government-guaranteed savings funds at birth, would be able to cash in for perhaps a $60,000 lump sum at age 18.


'It Seemed Like Reaching for the Moon.' -- Vir...

'It Seemed Like Reaching for the Moon.' -- Virginia Civil Rights Memorial Richmond (VA) 2012 (Photo credit: Ron Cogswell)

Today In: Opinion

Both of these ideas sound like lotteries. What happens to lottery winners? Do they and their descendants go on to a permanently higher socioeconomic bracket?

survey of Florida lottery winners shows that  this group is twice as likely to go bankrupt as others. The primary difference between winners of large sums and those who won smaller prizes is that the winners of large sums isn’t in bankruptcy rates but in timing: big winners took a bit longer to go bust. Lottery winners (contrary to myth) are actually older and more affluent than the typical American, but The Wall Street Journal summarized the research as follows: “Sudden wealth only exaggerates your current situation. If you’re unhappy, bad with money and surrounded by people you don’t trust, money will make those problems worse. If you’re fulfilled, careful with money and enjoy a life of strong relationships, the lottery could make those strengths better.”

Today’s lotteries are too new to tell us much about what happens to the descendants of lottery winners, but  history suggests that if reparations are meant to lift the economic status of American blacks who are poor, they will fail.

Economists often cite the study of the Georgia land lottery of 1832, in which hugely valuable parcels of land were distributed randomly. What happened to the descendants of these fortunate few? Are they the richest families in Georgia?

No. A paper by economists Hoyt Bleakley and Joseph Ferrie traced the results of the Georgia land lottery down the generations. They found that, “one generation after the distribution of the Georgia land, sons of winners have no better adult outcomes (wealth, income, literacy) than the sons of non-winners, and winners’ grandchildren do not have higher literacy or school attendance than non-winners’ grandchildren.”

Bleakley believed that a large sum of literal capital was, across generations, less relevant than human capital in the building of wealth: “We see a really huge change in the wealth of the individuals, but we don’t see any difference in human capital,” he noted. “We don’t see that the children are going to school more.”

Investing preferences would also play a major role in the capital accumulation that might follow reparations payments. A 1999 paper by economists Yaw A. Badua, Kenneth N. Daniels and Daniel P. Salandro found that black investors are more risk-averse and focused on safety than white investors, and perhaps consequently place a higher percentage of their assets in property than do whites. They predicted that these preferences would cause an increase in the wealth gap between whites and blacks.

So it has come to pass. In 1990, median household net worth among black Americans was about $4,418 -- one-tenth of the same figure for whites. Two decades later, that figure had reached only $4,955. Yet among white households, median net worth skyrocketed from $45,740 to $110,729 in the same period. Black America missed out almost entirely on the massive stock market boom of the past quarter-century. “If particular population subgroups tend to be more risk averse in their asset and liability choices, their long-term wealth will be expected to be less than households who choose to be less risk averse,” wrote the economists. “For instance, households that preclude stocks from their portfolio will undoubtedly have less wealth over the long run, because the long term return on common stock investments are higher than the long term return on less volatile investment opportunities.”

The reparations debate is an important one, and discussion should continue. But the question of what effects reparations would have on black socioeconomic levels down the generations is central to the conversation.


1) How do you prove that slavery is responsible for problems black Americans are having today? If it were 1866, it would be easy to prove that black Americans who had been enslaved were hurt by the practice. They were mistreated, deprived of their freedom, and were not paid wages for their labor.

On the other hand, if you fast forward to today, it’s extraordinarily difficult to show that anybody’s problems were caused by something that happened almost 150 years ago. Keep in mind that there were white indentured servants forced to work alongside slaves back then. There were white Americans who were kidnapped and enslaved by the Barbary pirates. There were Japanese and Italian Americans who were forced into internment camps during WWII and many of them actually had their property confiscated and sold. The relatives of many Jewish Holocaust survivors live in America as well. So while black Americans have been treated worse than any other group in America, there are a lot of other groups that have seemingly bounced back with little damage from how they’ve been treated in the past.

Additionally, while black Americans are indisputably doing worse than most other groups in America, there are certain subsets of African-Americans that are doing just fine. For example, black female college graduates make 102% of what white female college graduates earnAfrican immigrants also outperform black Americans who were born here in a number of ways.



A new paper (pdf) from University of Chicago PhD candidate Alison Rauh finds that black immigrants tend to be more successful than black Americans. They out-earn black natives (after accounting for age) and are more likely to be employed. This is not surprising; white immigrant groups outperform their native cohort too. But what’s most intriguing is how their children fare. The children of black immigrants are more likely to go to and complete college than native blacks (and whites) and are less likely to drop out of high school. The children of black immigrants also earn more than native blacks or first generation immigrants.

If there are certain subsets of black Americans who are doing well, that suggests that there is no one universal factor like slavery that can be blamed for the difficulties black Americans face.

2) Who would pay reparations? If John Smith gets drunk, runs a stop light, and hits the car of Susie Jones, we know who's at fault. It's John Smith. We also know that Susie Jones is the injured party. We can look at the damage to the car, injuries to Susie Jones, and costs she had to bear because of the wreck and get a rough idea of damages that she sustained because of John Smith's behavior.

How do you make any of those determinations with reparations?

The Civil War ended in 1865; so all the slaves and slave masters are all long dead. Moreover, even in the South, depending on which numbers you believe, somewhere between 80-95% of white Americans never owned slaves. There were also several thousand BLACK AMERICANS who owned slaves -- yes, really. Certainly they would be more responsible for slavery than a white man who didn't own slaves, right? Getting beyond the South, why would a white northerner from a state that didn't have slaves owe "reparations" for slavery? For example, what wrong would a Republican abolitionist -- who hated slavery, voted for Abe Lincoln, and fought in the Civil War -- have done that would require "reparations?"

We don't hold people responsible for what their ancestors did and even if we did, most white Americans, even in the South, didn't own slaves. So 149 years after the Civil War ended, there simply is no way to hold the people responsible for slavery accountable for what they did. Victimizing people who did nothing wrong today to make up for a wrong that was done 150 years ago wouldn't make anything right.

3) Who would receive reparations? There are no living slaves; so it's impossible to compensate the people who were hurt by the cruel and oppressive practice of slavery. So, would we compensate black Americans in general on the theory that slavery has held them back? Blaming the economic problems someone has today on something that happened to his ancestors almost a century and a half ago seems like one heck of a stretch, but let's say we buy into the argument. What do we do about people like Barack Obama and Tiger Woods who are of mixed heritage? Would Obama pay reparations to himself? Would a black man who immigrated to the United States a decade ago be eligible? What about incredibly wealthy black Americans like Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and BET's Robert Johnson? Why should some white middle manager in suburbia be asked to kick in money for them?

These are the sort of thorny questions you have to wrestle with when you're talking about "reparations" as opposed to a communistic "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" transfer of wealth from one group of people to another, which is really what most people who support reparations seem to want to see happen.

4) It focuses on the wrong solution: Just giving people money seldom helps to fix their problem. That’s why America’s “war on poverty” has been an utter and complete failure. After doling out more than 21 trillion dollars over the last 50 years, we’ve done nothing to reduce the poverty rate.

Shortly after the War on Poverty got rolling (1967), about 27% of Americans lived in poverty. In 2012, the last year for which data is available, the number was about 29%.’

In fact, it’s entirely possible that the poverty rate would be LOWER today if there had never been a “war on poverty.” You can see this same dynamic with aid to Africa. After handing out more than a trillion dollars, much of the continent has gone BACKWARDS over the last 10-15 years. Even winning the lottery doesn’t tend to make a generational impact.

A paper by economists Hoyt Bleakley and Joseph Ferrie traced the results of the Georgia land lottery down the generations. They found that, “one generation after the distribution of the Georgia land, sons of winners have no better adult outcomes (wealth, income, literacy) than the sons of non-winners, and winners’ grandchildren do not have higher literacy or school attendance than non-winners’ grandchildren.”


Christine Blasey Ford's Lawyer: Okay Fine, Protecting Abortion Was Part of Why She Accused Kavanaugh

Katie Pavlich

Of course, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything. No American should have to live in an area where he’s afraid to let his children play in the yard because drug dealers sell openly on the corner. Terrible inner city schools disproportionately impact black Americans. That’s why school vouchers and charter schools disproportionately benefit them. Slashing tax rates in depressed areas down to almost nothing would encourage businesses to move in and would help black entrepreneurs. Micro-loans could help aspiring small business owners to get on their feet. Helping black Americans to help themselves would do more to create success and prosperity than any giveaway program ever could.

5) The government has already paid out an enormous amount of “reparations:” Just to give you an idea of how common slavery is in human history, keep in mind that the Brits who brought American colonists here kept slaves. The Indians we took the land from kept slaves. Our neighbors to the north and south (Canada and Mexico) kept slaves. We acquired slaves from nations in Africa that kept slaves. Many of the slaves that ended up in America were captured by Middle Eastern slave traders who also kept slaves. Even some white Americans were enslaved by the Barbary pirates.

Still America had a particularly large and thriving slave trade and we’ve already paid an enormous price as a nation for it, starting with the 625,000 Americans who died during the Civil War. Keep in mind that America had a population roughly 1/10 the size we have today; so that would be the rough equivalent of 6.25 million Americans dying today. As a point of comparison, the 2nd term of the Bush Administration was practically destroyed by less than 4,500 military deaths in Iraq.

Additionally, although whites make up the majority of Americans on welfare, percentage wise, roughly twice as many black Americans take government assistance as white Americans. Additionally there are Affirmative Action programs and racial set-asides that discriminate against white and Asian Americans to make it easier for black Americans to get jobs and get into college.

So, when you add it all up, hundreds of thousands of Americans have died, numerous special programs have been created for black Americans, and trillions in government assistance have already been paid out. Other than Great Britain, there’s no other nation on Planet Earth that’s done even a fraction of that much to make up for engaging in slavery. So, if anyone wants reparations, it would be fair to say that they’ve already been paid.

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1. It's logistically impossible.

Reparation advocates only make arguments based on emotional appeal rather than on logic and reason. Julia Craven does not offer any logistics as to how reparations would work, just vague statements about how the government will oversee it. But as The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro likes to say, "The government sucks at everything." The Atlantic's Ta-Nehisi Coates tried to make a case for reparations, and failed.

The reason reparations advocates struggle to make a case is because there is no possible way to do it. There are numerous immigrants who have entered the U.S. who were not a part of enslaving blacks, and there were also blacks that owned black slaves during the slave era. How would the government be able to have the resources to determine every single person who had slaveowner ancestors as well as ancestors who were slaves? What about those of mixed race? It's impossible.

As economist Thomas Sowell points out, "Even during the era of slavery, most white people owned no slaves. Are their descendants supposed to pay for the descendants of those who did?" It would be irresponsible to punish not only all white people but all of American society for the blight of slavery.

2. Such a move would worsen the debt.

Craven's article estimates that reparations would cost $6.4 trillion, not including "the physical and sexual violence inflicted upon enslaved Africans." Given that the country already faces a $19 trillion fiscal operating debt and over $210 trillion in unfunded liabilities, adding another $6.4 trillion would be financially crippling, not to mention politically inconceivable.

3. Slavery reparations won't help the black community.

Sowell addresses this issue as well:

But the poverty rate among blacks fell by half between 1940 and 1960, before any of the major federal civil rights legislation or the vast expansion of the welfare state under President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society programs.

Between 1940 and 1960, black males' number of years of schooling doubled. How surprising is it that doubling your education raises your income? In short, most blacks raised themselves out of poverty, but their leaders robbed them of this achievement and the respect it deserved -- in the eyes of blacks and whites alike -- by making it seem like a concession from the government and a product of agitation.

What changed was that the expansion of the welfare state resulted in the breakup of the black family, which has been clearly linked to higher poverty rates. Reparations are simply another welfare program, which will not solve the problem, it will only exacerbate it. As Sowell writes in a separate column, "What about the effect of all this on today's black population? Is anyone made better off by being supplied with resentments and distractions from the task of developing the capabilities that pay off in a booming economy and a high-tech world?"

Instead, as it is for all people, it is better for African Americans to look to themselves to improve their standing in the life.

4. Despite what reparations advocates say, slavery was not a massive boon to the economy.

Economist Walter Williams dispels this myth:

Slavery doesn't have a very good record of producing wealth. Slavery was all over the South, and it was outlawed in most of the North. Buying into the reparations argument about the riches of slavery, one would conclude that the antebellum South was rich and the slave-starved North was poor. The truth of the matter is just the opposite. In fact, the poorest states and regions of our nation were places where slavery flourished -- Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia -- while the richest states and regions were those where slavery was absent: Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts.

The argument then that America's wealth was created off of the backs of slaves is simply untrue. Where slavery thrived the economy did not. The more affluent areas of the country had banned slavery long before they began to truly prosper economically, while the South struggled financially while the evil institution remained in place.

5. If slavery reparations at some point are actually paid, it will never be enough for the race hustlers.

The race hustling industry is only interested in promoting themselves and need to stir up racism in order to keep the money flowing. At what point would enough be enough? When would the debt be considered to be fully paid? The answer is never.





Matthew Hildreth <> Unsubscribe

Fri, Aug 9, 2:37 PM (2 days ago)
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to Evan
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Dear fellow MoveOn member,

After the recent tragic shootings in El Paso, it's absolutely unthinkable that Walmart would continue to profit from gun sales. They must stop the sale of guns in their stores now!

Translation:We hate Captialism and we hate people's rights to Freedom of Choice, hence we're going to vritue Singal about how evil guns are to a Coproation that has repeadetly expolited Thrid World Countries for cheap labor and likely of of the many coproations backing mass human rights abuses  but cleary we're in the morally right right?


#efefef; margin:1em 0px; padding:1em; border-radius:8px">Walmart must prioritize community safety over profits made from gun sales. They must stop the sale of guns in their stores now!

And there's the true colors of Gun Control adovcates, gun control adovcates always make this bullshit arugment such as "We're not trying to take away your guns, we just want to ban the AR-15 because MUH MILLTARY STYLE GUNS", in reality they want complete disarmament of the American people and want to ban all guns, notice they're not attacking AR-15's which is their usual bullshit talking point, it's all guns. Geez i wonder why Could it be that this is the gun control advocates way of admtting they hate all guns and that all these "Cosnapricy therories" of them wanting gun disarament are 100% true and they only say they don't want to take all guns away because they want to lie to your face?



Companies like Dick's Sporting Goods have already taken actions to use their economic leverage to curb gun violence.1 

And guess how much gun violence it would solve? Absoutely none! I live in NYC where the only gun shops in the cites are excusvely for cops and people with speical premits, the 5,000 eiltes within the city with acess to firearms as opposed to the commonfolk  and guess what, we get an average of at least 700 something gun homcides a year, granted we're no Chirag or Baltmore but gun control didn't do shit to stop violent crime in NYC  and it does even less to stop gun crime in much more violent cites than NYC,especially when said cties also have weaker cops and policing overall.  You also ingore the fact that 80% of all firearms used in crimes are purchased illegaly on a black market, a black market that would  shrink greatly overnight if guns were legal in every state  and get rid of the bullshit gun control that does nothing to solve gun crime.

Walmart is one of America's largest gun sellers and must be part of the movement to end gun violence.The company has taken some steps in recent years—but the stores are still selling weapons of destruction and selling bullet-proof backpacks at the same time. Walmart has the power to make a real difference, not just cosmetic changes.

Translaiton: MUH SAEFTY, because once again  gun control worked so well in Democartic Cties, that's why Democartic cites are bastitons of  safety, cleanilness and model cites right? Yeah give me a fucking break! Gun Control doesn't work and this Crpaivisistm bullshit would not work. I also love the irony of Liberals pandering and trying to use Corproations that exploit thrid world labor 

Also i didn't get to Part 3 of my journal on Video games causing mass shootings(Whch BTW Trump that's complete bullshit what you said about Violent Video games causing mass shootings)( but isn't it ironic that the "Liberals" are acting eactly like the Cosneratives they hate so uch when it comes to guns. Both think a hobby that millions of people do are causing  violence despite no edivence whatsoever, in the cause of gamers, zero gamers commited zero mass shootings with zero deaths, at least with the gun control bullshit, guns do kill people however no one has caused   a death from a video game, it just doesn't fucking happen so the right is even more retarded on their Anti gaming bullshit than the left are on guns, but beleive me , when it comes to who's a bigger threat, the left are a far bigger threat when it comes to their agenda, for the most part i think Conseratives merely say this dumb shit to deflect from the Liberals arugments of gun control rather than bravely telling these people it's their polices that are the problem because spoliers, Conseratives aren't your firends on the Second Ademedent.

In fact most sucessful gun control measurments were passed by so called Conseratives,epecially in the case of Ronald Regan who banned Machine Guns and open carry in his 1986 Naitonal Firearms Act and in 1967 under the pressure of the NRA and KKK banned guns throughout Cailfornia after the Black Panthers protested against gun control using their right to open carry within the state lesgatior.Those who think  the NRA are your firends, you're being played, they would sell you out the moment you cease being useful to them.


Please join with us and ask Doug McMillon, the Chief Executive of Walmart, to stop the sale of guns in his stores now.


Yet we won't ask the same Cheif exeuctive to sotp ecxplioting illegal Immrigants or Thrid World COuntries of labor and resources, because we're moral that way

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.

Thank you.

—Matthew Hildreth, Rural Organizing


1. "In the wake of latest massacres, Walmart is pressured to stop selling guns," CNN, August 5, 2019

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Jokes on you retard, Trump is pro Gun Control so by your arugment, you are pro Gun  because Trump's agenda is disarmemaent given he's a massive cuck on the Second Ademdent much like any and all Conseratives who aren't Libeeeerttrain  which inculdes the NRA.  So thanks for being part of the Pro Gun resistance because if you were truly Anti Trump, you wouldn't be calling for Trump to take away your guns would you?


After all you are the same people who claim he's the renicrcariton of Adolf Hilter right?  So yeah let's  get Orange Hitler to take away our ability to defend oursleves from Traynnty, that would show Trump. The Gun control debate has become more of a joke since Trump got elected given these are sheep calling to be disarmed in the very small minsicule chance Trump turnes out to be literally Orange Hilter so they can have no way of defending themselves from the "Foruth Reich"  But yeah  go Resistance,  making it eaiser for Trump to win 2020


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#" style="display:block; width:40px; height:40px; border-radius:50%" />
And finally for the cherry on top of the retard sunade, the "MUH CONCENERARITON CAMPS" lie pushed by AOC

Concentration camps at the border

#" style="display:block; width:40px; height:40px; border-radius:50%; background-color:rgb(204,204,204)" />

MoveOn Crisis Response Team <> Unsubscribe

Wed, Jun 26, 9:46 PM
#" style="background:url("") 50% 50%/20px no-repeat; height:20px; margin:0px; vertical-align:middle; width:20px; opacity:0.54; display:inline-block; padding:0px" />
#" style="background:url("") 50% 50%/20px no-repeat; height:20px; width:20px; margin:0px; vertical-align:middle; opacity:0.54; display:inline-block; padding:0px" />
to Evan
#" style="background:url("") 50% 50%/20px no-repeat; padding:0px; vertical-align:baseline; height:20px; width:20px; border:none; margin:0px 0px 0px auto; display:flex; opacity:0.54" />



Dear MoveOn member,

Children denied soap and toothbrushes, crowded into unsafe conditions.1 Separated from their families, subject to cruel treatment that will lead to lasting traumas. And some dying in custody—or dying with parents as they cross the Rio Grande.2,3




And that's 100% Fake News!  All trhe edivence of the Mirgant denentetion centers say otherwise you lying peice of shit! Honeslty you expect me to buy into this bullshit you're spewing?

Ice riads debunk the: MUH NAZI myth

See the source image

Obama, it was your presidency that housed Illegals in cages

See the source image

While Trump is given these kids a decent enough shelter. Sure looks like they're lacking resoruces right?

We've seen the images and heard the stories this week coming out of child detention centers. 
You mean these?
Or these?
Or even these?
Horrifically, these conditions aren't an accident. They are the byproduct of an intentional strategy by the Trump administration to terrorize immigrant communities and criminalize immigration—from imprisoning children to threatening widespread raids to break up families to covering up reports of immigrants dying in U.S. custody.

You mean the exact same thing that Barrck Obama did under his presidency?
Evan, this is an urgent moment. Can you pitch in $3 to MoveOn's emergency campaign to close the camps, free the children, and build the movement to confront Trump's attacks on immigrants?
Translation:Close down holding ffalalcites, adovaxcte for open borders and have no border security

Yes, I'll chip in right now.
I chip in my dick for you to suck!

Here's what we're planning over the next 96 hours—if we can raise the money to pay for it all:


Tranlsaiton:This is how we're going to scam you in the next 96 hours.

    We've called on all of the 2020 presidential candidates to visit the child detention center in Homestead, FL, near the location of the Miami debates—joining several already planning to see the conditions in person and raise the profile of what's happening to immigrant children. We'll continue to push politicians in Congress and on the campaign trail to see these internment camps and detention centers in person and use every tool available to close the camps and reunite children with their families.


    Except they have all visted there and this is what they saw


    Yeah kinda kills your narrative. Also trust me if ICE was running Concncerariton camps at the border, chances are thay there would be widespeard evince of this, this is just more bullshit on your part.




    We're producing hard-hitting video and social content to put Republicans in Congress in the hot seat—to step up and rein in the White House or face the outrage of their constituents. A video we produced this week in collaboration with Physicians for Human Rights was screened at the Human Rights Council in Geneva this morning at an event focusing on the treatment of children at the U.S. border.


    Translation we paid some shills form a questionable human rights group to push outright propaganada about ICE Denetentioncenters because we have no actual arugment pushing for Open Borders


    We're organizing a massive national mobilizing call for this Sunday, June 30—the anniversary of last year's critical Families Belong Together protests—in order to engage tens of thousands of participants around actions they can take over the weeks ahead.


    Translation: Be moronic sheep and buy into our lies about Concentration Camps at the border because we're not only retarded on Open Borders but we have zero understanding of what constitutes genocide and we have even more retarded understanding of genocide than the  Alt-Right.


    We're recruiting to events around the country—at the border, outside detention centers and ICE offices, and more—so that politicians and the media see that Americans of all walks of life demand action.



    By recruiting, you mean advocating violence against ICE official much like the ANTIFA thugs attacking ICE agents and attacking Immrgartion falcites,  yeah thanks for that dumbass.


    We've started raising funds f
    or the Texas Civil Rights Project—an organization that provides legal and relief services to families at the border, including separated families. Last year, MoveOn members donated over $300,000 to TCRP, and we'll continue to support them and other aid groups now.
Translation:We' using your igorance,s utpdity and Trup Dernagement Syndrom to doop your stupid ass out of money and banking on you being such moronic sheep, you're going to give us money.
We're pulling out all the stops. It's our moral obligation to act, and at this moment, as folks all across the country are focused and outraged, it's an opportunity to channel that energy into impactful action that can confront the Trump administration, close the camps, free the children, and promote a different vision for immigration in America. Will you chip in $3?
Translation:We said literally nothing about Obama's 3 million deportaitons of Illegal Immrigants and were slient fro decades of Democarts calling for border walls and mass deportaitons but now that we realize that we're unable to win elections anymore because no one like us or our polcies, we need open borders and hence "ORANGE MAN BAD!"
Click here right now to chip in and help close the camps and reunite children with their families.

June 30 will mark the one-year anniversary of the Families Belong Together rallies, where hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members and our allies came out in cities across the country to demand the Trump administration put a stop to the horrific family separation policy.
In other words, this would be a full year since you morons spread the falsehood of "Conccnerariton Camps at the border" and you're fearmongering against Immigration policies and push for Open Borders insanity.

Those actions worked. Trump and his cronies saw the massive wave of grassroots pressure opposed to the policy, and it forced them to end it. But now, Trump, Stephen Miller, and their racist, xenophobic allies think they can start up these policies again without the same level of outrage.
So you literally admit the evil racist Nazi president openly commiting "Genocide" against Mexicans is backing down to you? Yeah totally  how the Holocaust went down, I totally remember Jews in Germany backing down Hilter and hence 6 million people never died, see the problem with your logic, you're bullshit about Concentration Camps at the border undermines the actual Holocaust, fuck you pieces of shit!
We have to prove them wrong. We cannot allow more babies to be ripped from the arms of their parents. We cannot allow more children to come home from school to find out that their parents have been deported. And we cannot allow America to run internment camps.
You literally just admitted Trump ended Child Seperariton which BTW Obama deproted more illegals than any president has in history  so yeah nice vritue singialling you hypoctires.

Anyways let's do the actual math here


22 people died in ICE Faiclcites in 2 years between 2017-2019, this is 22 people way too many, however, it should be noted that ICE detains an average of 42,000 a day. Assuming this rate is every day and not every week but let's go with the 42,000 a day number verus the 11 people killed annually in ICE falalcictes, the death toll of ICE facilities is 1 death per every 27 days and 12 hours. To kill the 19-21 million illegals within America with ICE Faiclcites would take a staggering 1,727,273 years to kill every illegal Immmrigant in the country which is a laughably slow "genocide"

See the source image

Hell, the gap in the time needed to kill all 19 Million illegals would be about the same time gap between this day and the earliest of human ancestors the Homo Erectus, in reality, this is fucking absurd.


Contrast this with the Holocaust itself in which 12 million people were killed in a period of 3-5 years, given the first Death camps were opened around 1942, we'll go with the lower end 3 years to 1945 even though extermination of Jews occurred as early as 1933 however this narrative is about Conccnerariton camps so we're going with that.


Given 12 million were killed in Concenerariton camps with 6 million being Jews, that means the Nazis were killing 4,000,000 Non-Aryans, mostly Jews within a single year, meaning there were roughly 10,598 No Aryans killed every day. To even compare the Holocaust to detention centers is a flat out smear and arguably an Anti Smetic smear as 996 times as many Non-AYarans died in death camps in a single day than Illegals died in Ice Facilities in an entire year and if we adjust to the rate of murder per year, it's even more laughably disingenuous as 363,636 times as many people were killed in the Holocaust as Immigrants are killed in ICE Facilities and AOC's comparison is beyond disgusting and distasteful.


If ICE really was like the Gestapo, 10,598 of the 42,000 illegal Immrigants would be killed a day and i strongly doubt AOC would be fake crying, hell if Trump was running a Holocaust against Mexicans and Hispanics, AOC wouldn't even be in office as the government would be One Party Rule and under Nazi racial policies, there's zero chance in hell we would even have any Hispanic, Black, Jewish or other non white politicians much less AOC


Another difference is that many Jews were trying to flee Europe from the Holocaust and persecution regarding the Nazi death camps, do tell me in what logical state of mind that allows Liberals to think Illegal Immigrants would willfully go to a country committing mass genocide against them. Not only is this beyond a stupid comparison, but it's also insensitive as it comes off as borderline victim-blaming Jews for the Holocaust making the false assertion Jews fled into slaughter comparing them to illegals who willingly went into America.

Let's contrast that with the illegals murdered by cartel stats, literally far more illegals are killed by Cartel than they are killed by ICE agents. While i can't find a stat on Illegals killed by Cotyes and Cartels, given the hundreds of people dying to cross the border, it's safe to say based on border-crossing deaths alone, we can attribute at least 10,000 died crossing the border since 1994, putting the median average death toll of border crossings at 400 per year. Far more illegals are killed by coyotes than ICE Agents annually with the difference of deaths being roughly 36.36 times, where's the outrage from the same people calling to abolish ICE on the Cartels murdering illegals at 36.36 times the rate of ICE which btw, neither come close to Holocaust levels of violence.

If we compare the rate of ICE deaths to that of Illegals killing American citizens, it's not even close to comparable. 195 Americans are killed by Illegal immigrants, you're 17 times more likely to die as an American citizen from an illegal than an illegal would die from an ICE Falccity, so to say the left's properties are skewered here is an understatement. In fact, despite being 6% of the US popluation and consisting of only1/3th of the Hispanic popluation, Illegals commit a higher rate of violence than most American demographics and they make up the highest rising crime rate of all races, competing with black street gangs as the most violent demographic in Ameria.

And this isn't even inculding the 80% of illegal immigrant women raped crossing the border by illegal immigrants, coyotes, and Cartel.

As for the conditions of the "ICE Deentiton centers" here are the facts of this.

If anything given these children and illegals are getting free healthcare and free food, the standard of living of these people are much higher than American children under the poverty line.


Yeah, i'm pretty sure that's entirely like Asucwtixz isn't it, i'm sure those Jewish children had roughly 10 times the higher standard of living than the Nazi kids right? What an insulting peice of shit AOC is.

Even CNN of all people debunks the narrative that ICE facilities are like Nazi Germany there.

Ice riads debunk the: MUH NAZI myth

See the source image

Obama, it was your presidency that housed Illegals in cages

See the source image

While Trump is given these kids a decent enough shelter


So much so  that its better living conditions than shithole cites like Bailmore

See the source image

Also if Turmp is leading the conditions to a new Holocaust, this would a Holocaust that you helped caused by your own logic Deporter in Cheif.

Please Evan, click here right now to chip in $3 to help us put a stop to this.
No how about you go fuck yourself you peice of shit.
#" style="width:1px; height:1px" />MUH RACISM


And finally MUH RACISM, yep what more to talk about  Turmp Dernagment Sybdrome than MUH RACISM and ORANGE MAN BAD!

Unite against racism (petition)
#" style="display: block; width: 40px; height: 40px; border-radius: 50%; background-color: rgb(204, 204, 204);">
to Evan
#" style="background:url("") 50% 50%/20px no-repeat; padding:0px; vertical-align:baseline; height:20px; width:20px; border:none; margin:0px 0px 0px auto; display:flex; opacity:0.54" />
Reverend William J. Barber, II <> Unsubscribe
Tue, Jul 30, 1:06 PM (12 days ago)
#" style="background:url("") 50% 50%/20px no-repeat; height:20px; margin:0px; vertical-align:middle; width:20px; opacity:0.54; display:inline-block; padding:0px" />
#" style="background:url("") 50% 50%/20px no-repeat; height:20px; width:20px; margin:0px; vertical-align:middle; opacity:0.54; display:inline-block; padding:0px" />

Dear MoveOn member,
I'm Reverend William J. Barber, II, of Repairers of the Breach, the Poor People's Campaign, and the Moral Mondays movement. And I am asking you to join me in this call to all the presidential candidates:



Moral Mondays? Are you guys bothering to hide the fact you're the new Christan Right at this point?

#efefef; margin:1em 0px; padding:1em; border-radius:8px">

All presidential candidates should unite for a massive, pro-voter, anti-racism rally in Greenville, NC—the city in which Trump supporters spread a bigoted, racist and xenophobic chant—to reject racism and regression, register voters, and demonstrate what an America committed to moving forward together looks like.


Yeah about that "Racism from Turmp"


Also gotta love how evil and Racist Trump is when he literally did more for Black Americans than the first-ever Black President.



Maxine Waters: This 13-term Beltway swamp queen from California and past chair of the Congressional Black Caucus walked away with a slap on the wrist from the toothless House Ethics Committee in 2012 after being charged with multiple ethics violations related to her meddling in minority-owned OneUnited Bank.
The banks’ executives donated $12,500 to Mad Maxine’s congressional campaigns. Her husband, Sidney Williams, was an investor in one of the banks that merged into OneUnited. As stockholders, they profited handsomely from their relationship with the bank.
And vice versa. After Waters’ office personally intervened and lobbied the Treasury Department in 2008, the financial institution received $12 million in federal TARP bailout money — despite another government agency’s concluding that the bank operated “without effective underwriting standards” and engaged “in speculative investment practices.” Top bank executive Kevin Cohee squandered money on a company-financed Porsche and beachfront mansion in Santa Monica, Calif. After the federal bailout of Fannie and Freddie, OneUnited’s stock in the government-sponsored enterprises plunged to a value estimated at less than $5 million. Only through Waters’s intervention was OneUnited able to secure an emergency meeting with the Treasury and its then-secretary, Henry Paulson.
Waters’s government cronyism earned her a “Most Corrupt Member of Congress” designation from the left-wing Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

 The so-called "Congressional Black Causses" has done Jackshit for Black America ever, not even once. At best they virtue signal about racism while making millions off the backs of the crime, poverty, and lack of education within the black community and using the nigga mentality taught in the black community to make themselves Millionaires overnight, keeping the black community within the Democartic Planation.



Meanwhile Trump actually has done policy to help Black America such as the Frist Step Act and funding for colleges which is much more than crooks like Maxine Waters ever did for Black America, hell Trump in merely 2 years did more for Black people than Obama's entire presidency and this was the Hisroptically Black President and Trump is literally Hilter, let that sink in.


In fact, I've never heard Trump say something that was actually racist.


Hell apparently neither did Jesse Jackson nor Al Sharpton actually heard him say anything racist as they were giving him awards back in 1999




Hmmm, this isn't the video, this is clearly fake news, right?


In all seriousness, they're trying to call Trump Racist when there's plenty of evidence to debunk this horeshit off the ball.


In the 80s, Trump received the esteemed Ellis Island Medal from the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations alongside Rosa Parks, Muhammed Ali and others. NECO originated in 1986 under the conviction of its founders that the diversity of the American people is what makes this nation great. Its mission is to honor and preserve this diversity and to foster tolerance, respect and understanding among religious and ethnic groups. Again, Donald Trump was one of the first recipients of this honor. But isn’t he supposed to be racist?


The National Rainbow Coalition (Rainbow Coalition for short) was a political organization that grew out of Jesse Jackson’s 1984 presidential campaign. During the campaign, Jackson began speaking about a “Rainbow Coalition”, an idea created by Fred Hampton, regarding the disadvantaged and welcomed voters from a broad spectrum of races and creeds.[10] The goals of the campaign were to demand social programs, voting rights, and affirmative action for all groups that had been neglected by Reaganomics.[8] Jackson’s campaign blamed President Ronald Reagan’s policies for reduction of government domestic spending, causing new unemployment and encouraging economic investment outside of the inner cities, while they discouraged the rebuilding of urban industry. The industrial layoffs caused by these policies hit the black and other minority populations particularly hard.[10] At the 1984 Democratic National Convention on July 18, 1984, in San Francisco, California, Jackson delivered an address entitled “The Rainbow Coalition”.[19] The speech called for Arab Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, youth, disabled veterans, small farmers, lesbians and gays to join with African Americans and Jewish Americans for political purpose. Whereas the purpose of PUSH had been to fight for economic and educational opportunities, the Rainbow Coalition was created to address political empowerment and public policy issues.[20] After his unsuccessful bid for the Democratic nomination in 1984, Jackson attempted to build a broad base of support among groups that “were hurt by Reagan administration policies” - racial minorities, the poor, small farmers, working mothers, the unemployed, some labor union members, gays, and lesbians.[10]


So again, spare me the horseshit that Trump is this massive racist. This is sounding like bullshit!


To further debunk this narrative of alleged racism on Trump's part, let's keep in mind the now famous   Mar-a-Lago. Hmmm yeah, Trump sounds like a real racist allowing Jews and Blacks in his golf course and actually doing Civil Rights Activism.  

Remind me again how many golf courses were desegregated by the Clintons?

On July 17, the Trump 2020 campaign held a rally in Greenville, North Carolina, where President Trump used racist tropes to demonize Representative Ilhan Omar before pausing to let the crowd chant, "Send her back!"
This is completely ignoring the fact Trump disavowed the chants "send her back "but assuming he didn't fuck Ihhan Omar, that Musfag  needs to be sent back given she committed Immigration Fraud  to illegally enter the country.

Also apparently Trump criticizing stupid brown clowns like AOC and the rest of the Aunt Jimmea Sqaud makes him the KKK Grand Wizzard because he dare has the audacity to criticize the dumb brown clowns in congress. You want racism Iihar Omar, go to SOmiaila in which.. Oh wait you're from that shithole huh Aunt Jimmea. 


 Maybe you really should go back to Somalia and stay here. After all, clearly SMoaila is superior to America given you never criticize the problems of that country yet constantly hate our country.

Or maybe you're real agenda is much like any Jihadist, take over America and turn America into a shithole country like Somalia and destroy it from within.

After all, this is the stated goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, after all,  to subvert democracy and to destroy our civilization from within so they can pick up the pieces and take us over.





Not only is Omar expressing this opinion in a thinly veiled attempt to hide it, but she's also vritually supporting policies that would accomplish her goals such as destroying Israel and Open Borders.

For example, this is the same woman quoted for allegedly supporting Al Qaeda's attacks on America on 9/11


Omar and Tlaib are also guilty of furthering the anti-Semitic belief that Jews possess dual loyalty to Israel. In response to Republican Senators supporting an anti-BDS bill, Tlaib stated on Twitter that “they forgot what country they represent.” Many took this quote to be a thinly veiled accusation that Jews have dual loyalty to Israel. Omar, as shown above, echoed that nonsense more explicitly. Following discussion of her “Jewish colleagues,” Omar stated that “I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is okay to push for allegiance to a foreign country.” When Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) admonished her for this on Twitter, Omar actually dug in by repeating the dual loyalty claim:
Our democracy is built on debate, Congresswoman! I should not be expected to have allegiance/pledge support to a foreign country in order to serve my country in Congress or serve on committee. The people of the 5th elected me to serve their interest. I am sure we agree on that!
Such dual allegiance beliefs are anti-Semitic. According to Ben Shapiro:
Suggesting that Jewish Americans are pushing for “allegiance” to a foreign country, or that American supporters of Israel are doing so, is a vicious conspiracy theory and a vile smear. Jewish Americans by and large support Israel not out of “allegiance” to Israel but because Israel protects victimized Jews all over the world, represents the sole liberal democracy in the Middle East, and provides valuable strategic partnership to the United States. But according to Omar and other anti-Semites, the only reason for American Jews to support Israel is because they are part of a secret club, disloyal to the United States and loyal only to the ethnic tribe.
Omar’s statement would also likely fall into what the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) considers as anti-Semitic statements. ADL conducted a worldwide survey, the ADL Global 100: An Index of Anti-Semitism, where it attempted to quantify anti-Semitic attitudes worldwide. It defined an anti-Semite as someone who agreed to at least 6 out of 11 phrases in the affirmative. Such phrases included: “Jews are more loyal to Israel than to their own country/the countries they live in.” Omar and Tlaib’s statements fit this bill.
Omar’s Additional Statements are also Anti-Semitic
Omar has made additional statements that fall in line with anti-Semitic thinking, if benchmarked against some of the other phrases that the Anti-Defamation League stated was indicative of anti-Semitism:
“It’s all about the Benjamins baby.” Omar’s now-deleted statement on Twitter, in which she accuses AIPAC of bribing members of Congress, mirrors the phrase “Jews have too much control over the United States government.”
“Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.” Omar’s statement on Twitter, also deleted, mirrors the phrase “Jews have too much control over global affairs.”

The very same woman who much like her Musfag Pailtard colleague has also posted a seires of thinly veiled Anti Semitic  tweets that sound like words out of Stormfront ranging from Jews bribing American Congress which is implying the Anti Semitic "Jews control everything" crap that Neo-Nazis use and even go as far as saying that Allah should awaken people to the fact that Jews control the world. Damn, and they call Trump racist?



The Minnesota congresswoman is also on record implying Israel is not a democracy and gave an interview to a host that referred to Israel as the “Jewish ISIS.

Jewish-state-in-israel350 by IreneBelserion69

The same woman who equated Israel to ISIS, drawing a completely false eqauilvence between Israel and ISIS.


Despite Israel being 1/5th Arab Muslim and Arabs having equal rights to Jews.

And despite Israel going out of its way to avoid civilian casualties while Hamas hides behind civilian populations.

Gaza Birth-01 0 by IreneBelserion69

Even going as far as given Palestineans  ecomonic and emergency aid to the point the popluation of Gaza is skyrocketing despite being "genocided"……

Her campaign website reads: “Ilhan, her husband and three children live in the West Bank neighborhood of District 60B.”

The most recent voter registration records show Omar and Hirsi living at the same West Bank address.

“Like a lot of families, she and Hirsi, the father of their three children, have had ups and downs, have weathered some storms, but what matters is that they came out of it together,” Goldfarb said. He declined to offer more details.

The campaign would not make either Omar or Hirsi available for comment, releasing a statement from Omar instead: “A number of baseless, absurd rumors that don’t bear repeating have been made recently about my personal life and family. Let me be clear: They are categorically false.”

The statement goes on to decry “[Donald] Trump-style misogyny, racism, anti-immigration rhetoric and Islamophobic division.”

“Rest assured that petty rumors like these will not distract me from the important work that lies ahead for our communities.”

Scott Johnson, a writer at Power Line, said the campaign’s response leaves many unanswered questions.

“Neither Ilhan Omar nor her campaign has offered an explanation for what is going on here,” he said. “The voters of Omar’s district deserve a straight answer to a simple question. Now, they have failed to provide one either to me or to the Star Tribune.”

Further investigation into social media accounts, news reports, and legal documents support the allegation MN State House of Representatives Candidate Ilhan Omar married her brother, who is not a US citizen, in 2009.

As Alpha News reported last week, Powerline Blog raised some interesting questions about the current state of the DFL candidate’s marriages and the possibility of her committing immigration fraud.

Research by Alpha News suggests that Omar was involved with Ahmed Nur Said Elmi (her legal husband) and Ahmed Hirsi (her cultural husband and father of her children) at the same time.

Now Alpha News has confirmed that the legal name for Omar’s father is Nur Said Elmi Mohamed. In 2013, Ilhan Omar wrote an op-ed for the Twin Cities Daily Planet. In the op-ed, she celebrated the creation of a new state within Somalia called Jubaland and spoke of the excitement of the Somali community in the Twin Cities.


As if that's not bad enough, Omar is being accused of potentially faking a marriage given it's strongly implied she married her brother which is either a giant incest scandal or a scandal to defraud the US Government regarding taxes and legal status as an American Citizen.…

Yusuf-Ali-401x600 by IreneBelserion69

There are some theories going around that her father was a war criminal and there are other war criminals who are now illegally in the country, which frankly at this point i can believe because she comes off as a terrorist sympathizer.…

(July 2, 2019 / MEMRI) Tarek Cherkaoui, the manager of the Turkish state-run news channel TRT World’s research center, wrote an article in April calling upon Turks to donate to the campaign fund of U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). The article was widely reprinted in the Turkish media.
The article, written for the English-language website of the Turkish pro-government daily Yeni Şafak and published on April 1, 2019, was titled “Media Flak Directed At Ilhan Omar No Surprise At All.” At least seven other Turkish media outlets ran the article, in both English and in Turkish.

It should be noted that U.S. federal law prohibits foreign nationals from donating to political candidates.



 Ilhan Omar is also possibly colluding with Turkey as a Turkish TV station was advocating to donate to Ilhan Omar's camapgain which is illegal under US law and another grand example of rampant hypocrisy by Omar who claims Trump colluded with Russia yet alleged to take money from Turkey.…

Because she was one of only two reps to vote against the bill that would block terrorists or from profiting off their crimes via life insurance.
The issue came to a head after the San Bernadino Syed Farook mother tried to collect the insurance policy he made certain was valid before he killed 14 people.
The bill passed with 127-2 vote, Omar was one of only two who voted against it. Why?

Worse yet is the proven record that Ilhan Omar is a terrorist sympathizer as she blocked a bill that would prevent terrorists from benefiting from crimes. Yes, this peice of shit human being is aiding and embedding terrorism against the US.…………

Also, there are the connections she has between CAIR, Confrimed Hamas linked terrorist group.…

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj is the son of Brooklyn Imam Siraj Wahhaj, who is an un-indicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings, as well as Linda Sarsour’s self proclaimed mentor and “favorite person”.
The elder Wahhaj is connected to Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) via rabid Jew-hater and anti-Semite Linda Sarsour and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).
On July 1, 2017, Linda Sarsour gave a speech at the 54th Annual Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Convention in Chicago. During that speech, Sarsour not only infamously called for Muslims to carry out Jihad against President Trump, but she also called Wahhaj her “mentor,” motivator,” and “encourager.” She described him as her “favorite person in this room.”



And is even being connected to a terrorist network discovered within Alabama where an Iman was planning to use child soldiers for mass shootings in the name of Allah, an Iman connected to Linda Szsour and Ilhan Omar directly.


Frankly, if terrorism occurred by Ilhan Omar's policies and if she's proven to have committed fraud to get into the country via marriage with her brother(Which is a crime in it of itself) she really needs to be sent back to Somalia.



We need to remove Kebab starting with Ilhan Omar


Along with the vast majority of Americans, all the other presidential candidates condemned Trump's appeals to racism. We are writing to invite them to come together for a mass rally in Greenville to demonstrate what an alternative for America's future looks like. 

Is that why Turmp has a record-high approval rating and has a 45%-50% approval rating up from the 37% low in 2017?  Is that why  Iiihan Omar, the person Turmp attacked had an approval rating below   30% with it being as long as 9% in the swing states?  No one cares what the Democartic Candidates have to say, especially when the Democartic Party are the last ones to talk about racism.

While the candidates are not enemies, we understand they are competitors. They have real policy differences between them, and they are on the campaign trail to make the case for why they should be the next person to lead the United States of America. But just as the global community of nation-states has at times put aside competitive differences in order to face an existential threat, we believe this is a time for candidates to unite and demonstrate what an America committed to moving forward together looks like.

Translation:ORANGE MAN BAD!
If you agree, please add your name to our letter asking all the candidates to unite against racism and regression and for voter registration—at a massive rally in North Carolina.

It is important to return to the scene of Trump's crime in North Carolina's Pitt County, because while the whole world has seen images of a nearly all-white crowd chanting in racist unison there, we know this does not actually represent Pitt County or the vast majority of rural America that Trump 2020 wants to cast as "red counties."

In other words,  all Trump supproters are white, nevermnind the goriwng support amongst Blacks and Hispanics with Turmp's base and ingore the fact that 8=9% of blacks, 33% of hispanics voted for Trump in 2016 but keep telling us that only white people vote for Trump.
 Pitt County is not, in fact, a red county. Hillary Clinton won Pitt County in 2016, as did almost every Democrat down ticket. Pitt County is in North Carolina's Black Belt. Poor and low-income Black, white, and Latino people there have voted in a fusion coalition that demonstrates our capacity to come together and reject the divide-and-conquer politics of racism
Again how well that worked for you within 2016, you still lost the election by spearding this false anrrative thst the president is racist,  somehow you're fake news went in 2 years from Turmp barely having an Approval rating in the mid 3o's to around 45-50%  and mind you on the eve of Eleciton night, Trump was tied with Hillary with only a 36% approval rating yet beat Hillary Clinton in a elecrotical crubstomp.
America desperately needs to see this possibility now. Because such coalitions are possible all across the South and the Midwest. These fusion coalitions offer the only hope of reclaiming democracy from a movement of extremism. 
Thanks for addmiting your desperate beucase this is the most truth you've spoken within the entire fearmongerring Email.
North Carolina's Forward Together Moral Movement organized in response to extremism that took over the state legislature and the governor's office in 2013. The policy agenda that the Trump administration and its enablers in Congress are pushing today was front and center in North Carolina in 2013. Leaning into a long history of moral fusion organizing in the South, we learned to fight reactionary extremism by highlighting how racism hurts Black, white, and brown people regardless of their party affiliation. 
Define Racisim hurting commitues in America?
We came together in mass Moral Monday rallies that showed the people of North Carolina what uniting to move forward together could look like. We beat voter suppression in the courts, and we beat extremism at the ballot box in 2016's statewide races. We know fusion coalition can win in the South ... even in places that have been misidentified as "Trump country."
Transititon, racism is anyone who disagrees with you as opposed to actual views or support of views that make you racist .
The vast majority of Americans do not want to capitulate to racist demagoguery. They do not want to be pitted against one another in a zero-sum competition. Most people are desperate for leadership that can chart a path forward together to the multi-ethnic democracy of equal opportunity that this nation has long aspired to become but has never yet been. 

Speak for yourself retard, by Racist demgoarearcy, you mean border security which Democrats have supported for decades up until   Trump ran which it automatically became racist to want to defend your counties borders. 

Now is the time to unite for a mass unity and voter registration rally focused not on any individual's campaign, but on the coalition building that is needed to dispel the myth of a solid South and show the nation what a better future looks like.
Translation:We have no clue what we're talking about but vote for us you retarded sheep.

Please add your name if you agree, and we'll make sure all the candidates hear our call for unity against racism and regression and for voter registration.
The world is asking how the candidates will respond to the open racism of Trump's Greenville rally. We believe the answer is, "If Americans don't like what they see in the White House, they can go door to door registering and educating a powerful new fusion coalition to chart a new course beyond 2020."
Translaton:Vote for us sheep.
Whoever emerges to lead the challenge to Trump in 2020, this must be clear: The future of democracy and the well-being of our common home on this planet depend upon a fusion coalition that can reclaim American democracy from the extremism that now holds power in our public life. We believe this crisis demands that we unite to make this single message clear.

This is hairlous coming from the Democartic Party that funds ANTIFA and wants Open Borders, you're in no poistion to call anyone"Extremist"

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