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Bleach Girls Measurements Part 1

Now for Part 2 of the Bleach Girl Measurements, this time for the Arrancars, Vizards, and other Hollow related females. Now for the moment, you're all waiting for, the measurements of Hollow and Vizard females.

I will be using these pictures from to get accurate measurements of each of the Arrancar and Vizard females as they seem to be the cloest thing to accurate to canon sizes for the Arrancar women.


1)Loly Aivirrne

Loly is the Arrancar girl who wants Aizen Senpai's dick and is a cunt towards Orihime, that being said, she has quite the body and enough to make Aizen Senpai want her, but how much of a body does she have, let's find out?


Type caption for image (optional)


Height:155 cm (5'1")/2

Height(50% frame):777px(77.5 cm)

Bust:229px(23 cm)x3.14=72 cm/ 28 Inches

Underwaist:181px( 18 cm)x3.14=57 cm/ 22 Inches

Waist:180px( 18 cm)x3.14=57 cm/ 22 Inches

Hips:270px(27 cm)x3.14= 85 cm/ 34 Inches

Cup Size: 6" more than bust

Bra Size: 28 F

Loly's Measurements

BHW:78,57, 85 cm (28, 22, 34 Inches)

Bra Size: 28 DD or F cup

 Body Type: Pear Shape


2)Menoly Mallia

The best friend of Loly and another Aizen Fangirl.


Height:269px(160 cm/5'3")

Bust:36px(21 cm)x3.14=67 cm/ 26 inches

Underwaist:29px(17 cm)x3.14= 53 cm/ 21 inches

Waist:27 px(16 cm)x3.14=50 cm/ 20 Inches

Hips: 41 px( 24 cm)x3.14= 75 cm/ 30 Inches

Cup Size: 5" more than bust.

Bra Size: 26 E

Menoly's Measurements

BHW:67,50, 75 cm (26, 20, 30 Inches)

Bra Size: 26 E or E Cup

Body Type: Pear  Shape


3)Emilou Apacci

Appci is the 54th Arrancar in Sōsuke Aizen's army and one of Tier Harribel's three Fracción. A feisty, short-tempered "Flat" chested woman who is amongst Tia's harem...I mean group. Anyways for the measurements.


Offical Height:156 cm (5'1½")

Height(80% body frame):393px(125 cm)

Bust:101px(32 cm)x3.14=100 cm/ 39 Inches

Underwaist:95px(30cm)x3.14=94 cm/ 37 Inches

Waist:83px( 26 cm)x3.14=82 cm/ 32 Inches

Hips: 110px(34 cm)x3.14= 109 cm/ 43 inches

Cup Size: 2" more than bust

Bra Size: 38 B or B Cup

Appachi's Measurments

BHW: 100,82, 109 cm(39, 32,43 inches)

Bra Size: 38 B or B Cup


Holy shit, Appchi is surprisingly Thicc,had not for her Narrow breast or small size, she would rivial the thicc waifu that is known as Erza.

Body Type: Pear Shape 


4)Cyan Sung-Sun




Offical Height: 154 cm (5'0½")

Height( 50% frame):773px( 77 cm)

Bust:193px(19cm)x3.14= 60 cm/ 24 inches

Underwaist: 173 px(17 cm)x3.14= 53 cm/ 20 inches

Waist:165 px(16 cm)x3.14=51 cm/ 20 Inches

Hips:275px(27 cm)x3.14=85 cm/33 Inches

Cup Size: 4" more than bust

Bra Size: 24 D or D cup

Sun Sun Measurements

BHW: 60,51, 85 cm(24, 20,33 inches)

Bra Size: 24 D or D cup

Body Type: Pear Shape 


5)Franceska Mila Rose

The dark-skinned slightly muscular waifu and Farccion of another THICC black woman.



Offical Height:177 cm (5'9½")

Height( 50% frame):801 px( 88.5 cm)

Bust:329px(36 cm)x3.14=114 cm/ 45 inches

Underwaist:249 px(27 cm)x3.14=85 cm//33 Inches

Waist: 196px( 21 cm)x3.14=67 cm/ 26 Inches

Hips:311px( 34 cm)x3.14=107 cm/ 42 Inches

Cup Size: 12" more than bust

Bra Size: 44 L or H Cup

Mila Rose Measurements


Bra Size: 44 L or  H Cup

See the source image

Body Type: Inverted Triangle


 JayeLove9 Huge Booty Gif 4 by Sonicdude645

Needless to say, she's THICC as fuck, then again what you expect from a Black Woman.

Nice one, Senkou! by LordCamelot2018

Needless to say, Katsrugari approves.


6)Cirucci Sanderwicci

The Parrvion Espada Dominatrixwith a deadly Yo-Yo Whip, she seems pretty busty in canon so let's try to find out just how busty she is.


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Offical Height:158 cm (5'2")

Height( 50% frame): 781px (79cm)

Bust: 239px(  24cm)x3.14= 76 cm/ 30 Inches

Underwaist:207px(  21cm)x3.14= 65cm/ 26 Inches

Waist:173px( 18 cm)x3.14=  55cm/ 22 inches

Hips:311px(  31cm)x3.14=98cm/  39 Inches

Cup Size:  4" more than bust

Bra Size:  30 D or E Cup in Japan

Cirucci Measurments

BWH:76,55, 98 cm(30, 22, 39 Inches)

Bra Size: 30 D or E Cup in Japan

Body Type: Pear Shape 


7 and 8)Yin and Yang




Offical Height:At least 158 cm (5'2")

Height( 50% frame): 245px (79cm)

Bust:69px(22 cm)x3.14=70cm/28 Inches

Underwaist:59px(19cm)=59cm/23 Inches

Waist:56px(18cm)x3.14=57cm/22 Inches

Hips:81px(26 cm)x3.14=81 cm/32 Inches

Cup Size:  5" more than bust

Bra Size:  28 DD or F Cup in Japan


Yin and Yang Measurements

BHW:70,57,81 cm(28,22,32 Inches)

Bra Size: 28 DD or F Cup in Japan

Body Figure

Body Type: Pear Shape 



9)Lisa Yadomaru

 The perverted Vizard glasses Waifu of the Vizards with a hentai collection, now time to see how big she is.




Offical Height:162 cm (5'4")

Height(50% height frame): 1446px (81cm)

Bust:391px(22 cm)x3.14=70cm/28 Inches

Underwaist:337px(19cm)=59cm/23 Inches

Waist:273px( 15cm)x3.14=48 cm/19 Inches

Hips:401px(23 cm)x3.14=71cm/28 Inches

Cup Size: 5" more than bust

Bra Size: 28 DD or F Cup in Japan


Lisa's Measurements: BHW:70,59,71 cm(28,19,28Inches)

Bra Size: 28 DD or F Cup in Japan

See the source image

Body Type: Hourglass

 Surprisingly despite being average height, she's very thin in general and despite having only 28-inch breast which is fairly small, she has a very big cup size.

So yeah Lisa is very skinny, yet she got pretty big boobs despite that.


10)Mashiro Kuna

 Now for the Petite yet thick Vizard Mashio and boy is she surprising Thicc despite being a small girl.



Offical Height:153 cm (5'0")

Height(50% height):  462px(76.5 cm)

Bust: 134px(22 cm)x3.14=70cm/28 Inches

Underwaist:111px(18 cm)x3.14=57cm/22 Inches

Waist:95px( 15cm)x3.14=48 cm/19 Inches

Hips:180px(30cm)x3.14=93cm/37 Inches

Cup Size:6" Inch  more the bust

Bra Size:  28 DDD or G Cup in Japan

Body Type: Pear Shape 


Mashiro's MeasurementsBHW:70,48,93 cm(28,19,37 Inches)

Bra Size: 28 DDD or G Cup in Japan

See the source image

That would explain why despite looking so small, she has a rack within the flashback


11)Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Now for the former Third Espada,

An Espada so THICC she can kill you with her boobs. Now, how big are her boobs?


Type caption for image (optional)


Height:1273px(176 cm/5'9½")

Bust:252px(36cm )x3.14=113cm/44 Inches

Underwaist:152px(21cm)x3.14=66cm/26 Inches

Waist:136px(19cm)x.3.14=60cm/24 inches

Hips:243px(35cm)x3.14=109cm/ 43 Inches

Cup Size: 18" more than bust

Bra Size: 44 R or R Cup


Nelliel's Measurements

BHW:113 60,109 cm (44, 24, 43 Inches)

Bra Size: 44 R or R Cup


See the source image


Holly hell she's fucking THICC as fuck,  at roughly  113cm, she's even bigger than Rangiku bust wise


12)Tia Harribel

Now last but far from least Arrancar bae, the Thrid Espada  and boy is she thicc as fuck



Height:763px(175 cm/5'9")

Bust:157px(36cm )x3.14=113cm/44 Inches

Underwaist:105px(24cm)x3.14=76cm/30 Inches

Waist:91 px( 21cm)x3.14= 65cm/ 26 Inches

Hips:152px(35cm)x3.14=109cm/ 43 Inches

Cup Size:14" more than bust 

Bra Size:  44 N or Q Cup  in Japan


Harribel's Measurments

BWH:113,65,109 cm(44,26, 43 Inches)

Bra Size: 44 N or Q Cup in Japan

See the source image



Largest  Breasts (In Bust width)

1)  Mila Rose:44 L or    114 cm H Cup in Japan
2)  NNeilel:44 R or   113cm R Cup in Japan 
3)  Harribel:44 N or   113cm Q Cup in Japan
4)  Appacihi 38 B or   100cm B Cup in Japan
5)Cirucci Sanderwicci  30  D or  76 cm E Cup in Japan

Largest Breasts  (In Cup Size/Volume)

1)Neilel : 44 R or   113cm R Cup in Japan 
2)Harribel:44 N or   113cm Q Cup in Japan

3) Mila Rose:44 L or    114 cm H Cup in Japan
4) Mashiro Kuna:28 DDD or G Cup in Japan
5)Loly/Yin and Yang /Lisa:28 DD or F Cup in Japan


Largest Ass  (Hip Width)


1)Appachi/Neilel/ Harribel; 109cm/43 Inches

2)Mila Rose: 107cm/42 Inches
3) Crucci: 98cm/39 Inches
4)Mashiro Kuna: 93cm/37 Inches
5)  Loly 85 cm/ 34 Inches

The average breast measurement in the U.S., U.K., and Ireland by bra size is 34DD, also called 34E, 
Median female size(Real Life)
Median Height:5'4"  or  162cm
Median Weight:135 lbs
Median BHW: 84cm,60cm,86cm  ( 34 Inches,24 Inches,  34 Inches)
Median Cup Size: 3 "more than breast or C Cup

Median female size( Shinigami/Human)
Number of females:19
Median Height:159cm /5'3"
Median Weight:
Median BHW: 84cm,54 cm,89 cm  ( 33 Inches,21 Inches, 35 Inches)
Median Cup Size: 7 " more than breast or H  Cup
Median figure:

Median Fairy Tail  Verse female mages:44
Median Height:5'4" or 163.4 cm
Median Weight:131lbs or  59.5 kg
Median BHW:94cm, 60cm,99cm( 37 Inches,24 Inches, 39 Inches)
Median Cup Size: 10" more than bust   or J CUp in America or G cup in Japan
Median figure: Pear Shape

Median  Arrancar/Vizard Girls 

Number of females:12

Median Height:  162cm/5'4"

Median BHW:73cm,48 cm75 cm  (29 Inches,19 Inches, 29inches

Median Cup Size: 6 " more than breast or H  Cup
Median figure:  Hourglass Type



I hope you like this post for we're going to get to the Qunicy/Fullbringer babes next.




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