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As if the DA Admins weren't anymore biased against anyone who speaks out against their shitty SJW policies, SJW agenda or their shitty Neo liberal cancer is known as DA Eclipse was yet another victim of DA censorship of wrongthink.

EmpireoGrace, A member of DeviantArt staff has indefinitely banned your account. As this is an indefinite ban, it will not expire. The administrator also added the following comment: Unacceptable use of profile This message has been generated automatically. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Help Desk or send an email to Thank you, DeviantArt Staff

"Unacceptable use of profile."

I love how completely opaque this "Unacceptable use of profile " claim it is,  what exactly did Empergrace did   to get himself banned?   Was it because he posted about Communist  Waifus? Was it that he was a Communist far-leftist tankie yet also hated SJW's for gaying up Marxism?  What  DA, why did you bann a fellow far-leftist? Why bann someone who let's be real, you Silicon Valley faggots would agree with if he didn't outright shit on your SJW ideology and was 100% honest about what Communism actually does to Gay people.

And i know you fucks are Communists because you have this fat fuck Party lots of 999s who needs to be shot with lots of 9's just to lose some weight because of Jesus this SoyBoy bitch drunk way too much soy lattes and at a billion too much tofu burgers

Anyways this faggot literally calls Muslims "Sand Niggers" which is ironic coming from the Snow Nigger who protests racism within his very same DA page and is ironically enough protesting Trump  in this Deviaiton even though Trump never used the Nigger Word much less Sand Niggers and is actually been less Hawisk tham previous presidents, that's still not nearly enough but kinda goes against this faggots narrative.

There's also the fact this bitch is also an ANTIFA thug  who literally makes shitty memes and 

Indy Assault by Party9999999

Drive out Fascism by Party9999999
Bash The Fash by Party9999999
Orangeshirts by Party9999999
Indy Assault by Party9999999
Hammertime by Party9999999
posts about "Bashing the Fash"

Which includes but limited to
Indy Assault by Party9999999
Trump Supporters
Muh Male Oppression by Party9999999
Gamergaters Be Dumb by Party9999999
New Atheism Demotivator by Party9999999
Sargon Then and Now by Party9999999
Pseudo Intellectualism Demotivator by Party9999999
Liberals who are against SJW's
AnCap Society Problems by Party9999999
Antifa Milkshake by Party9999999

Jealous Hillary by Party9999999
That being said he is 100% right about Hillary being evil and is right to call out Trump's own warmongering.

Still doesn't change the fact this retard thinks literally everyone who's not a Communist is Far Right
What If I Told You The Truth About Antif by Chaser1992
And anyone who is for free speech and common sense

The boy that's a whole lot of "FASCISTS", then again are we surprised pasty crackers like this are against Fascists, they think being white is equal to being Nazis, which they should know because ANTIFA is whiter than a KKK Rally at this point.

Neo Nazi demotivator by Party9999999
No seriously, tell me if any of you people see any difference between the Blackshirt wearing Fascist thugs and the blackshirt Communist thugs, i sure as hell don/'t

Also ironic that these people who hate Fascists so much act much like the Fascist thugs they claim to hate,m i'm sure the  Mussisonil Blackshirts and Hitler Borwhsirts had just cause beating down anyone they thought was "Communist".

Also ironic that an ideology responsible for the most racism and deaths in the world is calling "Fascism" that killed 5 times fewer people the enemy of humanity.  Mao alone killed twice as many people  as all the Fascist regimes in the world combined  and Stalin has a death toll twice as high as the Holocaust on his own, not to mention while Pol Pot killed less than Hilter, he killed 1/4th his entire countries popluation in horrific ways that can give the Holocaust a run for it's money and that's not even factoring Cuba's ethnic cleansing of Afro Cubans, Stalin's purge of Jews and Muslims   or other infamous racism from Communist regimes.

Honour the Past by Party9999999

Point is i think inciting real-world violence to political opponents is considered  "Unacceptable use of profile "   yet this fat fuck has been on the site for over a decade and to my knowledge hasn't been banned or even suspended once off the site.

Meanwhile, Empergrace, who's only crime was making North Korean Waifus seem too hot and wants you to don the Hammer and Sickle to get some pussy get banned in less than 5 months of being on the site because he triggered some snowflake because he didn't espouse the right kind of Communism.

Despite the fact, Emperograce by all standards was a Far Leftist.

Or is well known for, his transphobia towards anarchopac, an anarchist youtuber. And this is coming from one, that isn't pro LGBT. 
Something that Globert, doesn't even call out, when it comes to his pro-LGBT posters, to were marxist-leninist totalitarian regimes supressed LGBT folks. 

BTW Party, you fat peice of shit, you're the same person who's openly transphobic, 
The Leader's Example by Party9999999

by your logic, you should be bashing yourself if you know what i mean.

I strongly suspect it was this fat faggot who got Emporgace banned, after all, it wouldn't be this fat fucks first time of helping to get Deviant Artists sent to the gulags either.


It all makes sense onto why Globert would pick him, of all folks, to be listed as one of their leftist organizations. Seeing that both are obese, that stuff their faces from capitalist fast-food giants, to responding to said criticism about them, in a very smug and pompous manner, making it seem like they're above everyone else. You couldn't pick a better group, to list onto your dA group, that has shamefully made an unfunny joke about the Kyoto Arson, that has claimed 33 victims: 


Also, Party follows pieces of shit like this Leftist cuck who makes fun of victims killed in the Kyoani Arson attack last month.

The same leftist cuck filled with so much soy that he can't even properly hold an Airsoft gun
Who tried to damage control his insensitive tweet by pushing his political agenda like any good old commie fag

Then again could be Party's faggot ass Bootlicker who thinks concentration camps exist in America and Jewish people support them.
Scumbag 345rv5 by Party9999999
Scumbag Party9999999 by Party9999999
Morpheus on Sexism 3 by Party9999999
Funny how   DA allowed Party to literally target users with callout memes

345rv5 has been Kronstadted... Sort of.Comrades! Citizens! I just saw that 345rv5 has had his account suspended.
While this will most likely last a week or so at least I'll have some peace from his meaningless reactionary rants
With any luck he'll go the same way as The-Conquerors or sonrouge and piss off for good.
By the way I am aware of how childish and juvenile this journal entry is.
But fuck it, after months of abuse from this guy I have the right to be childish.


345rv5 has been KronstadtedCitizens I have just learned that 345rv5's account has been been deactivated. as in he ain't coming back. I'm not sure what happened, but best guess his shitty behavior caught up with him.
And so he joins the likes of The-Conquerors, sonrouge and DAisrunbybigots in some far away internet Gulag to stew in their own bitterness and hate.
There is only one reaction I have to such an occasion.
Enjoy the rest of your week.

Engage within a meme/Journal war with a said user he called out


ChrissyPinto 22 hours ago

ur a sick freak who needs to get poisoned. 

ReplyShe thinks that if you're gay, you need to be killed.



ChrissyPinto 4 days ago

How cute, ur already out with ur lover, and licking his ass for fun. see, this is why iran hungs gays, cause the freaks like u pervert normal people's spaces.


And got his faggot asss SJW comrades to ban a user for using the word "Sand Nigger" to call out a Homophobic Muslim Bigot who was doubly Anti-Semtic

@Xiao-Fury 10 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist

You can report their page for harassment. Or just block them. I blocked them. Don't have time for numb skulls. 

For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God 1 Corinthians 1:18.


ninareese13 7 hours ago  New Deviant

i did. he got a suspension for one week for harassment. Good call. they were plotting to tag you for their stupid page, golden fedora. keep up your work. And may Christ be with you. 



345rv5 4 days ago  Hobbyist

LOL! I'm just giving you a taste of your own medicine sand n**** ! It's funny you're getting butthurt over bigotted insults yet you treat gays like subhuman.Honestly i'm not even against people or a racist, i'm just throwing back what you say about gays back at you about what people say about Muslims so for every little homophobic insult you throw at me, i'm going to troll you with Islamophobic insults.

And got the person banned because of MUH BIGOTRY!

Chrissy Pinto' the Hamas cocksucking whore who gangbanged by every Pailfag mangina 1 hour ago  New Deviant

 November 2011, I found a girl about 200km away. We had a chat while I was at work and I could hardly focus on my work. I told her, I loved very risky bareback sex and I also would fuck her, if she had HIV or even AIDS. She suddenly asked my: "Okay, I wanna be honest, do you sit tight?". I took a deep breath and immediately answered: "What ever you want to tell me, wait until my hard cock is deep inside your pussy or your ass." She answered with a smile and told me she loved my pervert and kinky lifestyle. She didn't tell me what she first wanted to say.

The very same night, we met. I drove all the way to her. While I was on the road, we sent us kinky short messages. About 5 minutes after I arrived at her place, we were naked, she was on her knees and I was about to slam my cock in her ass first, because she asked me to. I fucked her wide open ass for a few minutes and she moaned very load. She then stood up and told my to lay down. I immediately did and I looked deep into her blue eyes, as she took my cock and put it deep in her wet pussy. She then started riding my cock.

I asked her: "this afternoon you wanted to tell me something when we had out online chat. What was it?"

I hold my breath because I was so damn horny and she was riding my cock so hard. She smiled at me in a very kinky way and say: "I have hepatitis-C and I was also diagnosed HIV+ a year ago. And I'm not on any medicine!"

BAM! That was a slap in my face. But that was exactly what I wanted to hear. I pulled her long blond hair and puller her head down to me. We kissed passionately while she was still riding my hard cock.

It was an amazing feeling to be deep and unprotected in that HIV+ pussy.

Long story short: we fucked the whole night, I came several times in her pussy and her ass. A couple of weeks later, we met another time and fucked again and again.

About 1,5 years ago, I met another woman in an online chat. She was a Palestinian woman, HIV+ and we met in a hotel, where we also fucked half the night. First, she tried to convince me to use a condom, but I told her I definitely wanted to feel her bareback. After about half an hour of kissing and fingering and licking her pussy, she didn't care anymore and let me slide my unprotected cock in her pussy.

Despite his responses are to someone being a legit bigot and giving her a taste of her own medicine

This is what true Islamophobia looks like SJW's I'm sick and tired of SJW's constantly calling me a  "Islamophobe" because i dare criticize Islam as a religion.As expected from SJW's, they are immense hypocrites when it comes to Islam in general. Really i think they do this out of cowardice because like actual Islamophobes like Frank Miller and the Far Right, they're fucking cowards. However one thing that i must note is how SJW's don't actually care about Muslims and actual Islamophobia. Case and point,  the ongoing persecution being undergone by the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar……


SJW shows their true colorsA rare moment in which a SJW Feminists shows her true colors, no more needs to be said here, just  read the comments and enjoy the pwnage
DontNeedFeminism Jun 16, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't you mean control mechanisms?
Please stop posting that on all my artwork. You even posted it on unrelated works. Repeating yourself over and over doesn't make it true.
veracauwenberghs Jun 17, 2015 
Reigeous fanatism doesn't belong on an artsite. You are abusing Deviantart.

Despite the same person denouncing actual bigotry towards Muslims and minorites in his journals.
Who had Muslim firends.

and him himself being a minority which makes it even more ironic.
Meeting the Orange Overlord by Party9999999
Yet when it comes to  Party. A Pasty  cracker, beta male manlet snow nigger soy boy  who is a complete virgin

He can casually throw around the term in a public meme with no repercussions to himself.

Pod Racist by Party9999999
Scumbag Party9999999 Strikes Again by Party9999999
 Guess that's the "White Privilege" he spouses all about.

After all, when a person of color calls a Jihadist a Sand Nigger, he's banned off the platform entirely but when a White Boy says it, he's allowed to have his DA account and gets off scot-free.

Imagine my shock that Party is yet another insufferable White Liberal hypocrite who  doesn't see the irony of bitching about white people when he's not only white but privileged himself and i don't mean privileged as in skin color, i mean privileged because he's yet another Upper Middle-Class Hipster living off his daddies trustfund like a good little white boy.

The extent of DA corruption goes way deeper than merely ideological grounds but due to gay ass limations , we need to go to part 2

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