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  • The world was created by The Five In Heaven, Gods who could create and destroy worlds without raising a finger(If they chose to be in a form that had a finger) Their names were, as followed from strongest to weakest: Time, Earth, Death, Life, and Corruption.
  • They each came together to create a single world that would be in the perfect balance between them, a world that would run like a beutiful clockwork machine.
  • Thus they created a race for each of themselves - Time created the Dragons, Earth the Stone Giants, Death the Dark Elves, Life the Light elves, but Corruption, made a being that was weaker than all-man.
  • Corruption placed his race into a deep sleep under an island, far away from any of the continents of that day. The other gods were surprised, but did not object. In time, the races began to quarrel-over territory, food and shelter, or something else. The Five watched with mere amusement over these petty struggles, were each side was equally matched, but alliances frequently switched. However, very suddenly, what was once petty struggles escalated into a war, a war of terrible power - caused by the awakening of man. Man created machines of war that killed so many other species that the Gods were surpised at their power to murder, to steal recources, and outwit even the most cunning enemy. Then, man completely eradicated the light elves, which was the final straw for the other races. The dragons with their spells broke the machine of time, freezing the sun over the horizon in a terrible, infinite twilight. The Stone giants terraformed the entire planets crust and tectonic plates, bursting the mantle and destroying continents. The Darl Elves unleashed a plague of blight over all Humanity, its farms, and not a single city was spared. Man retalaited by building the largest machines ever - the Taurons, or mountain-cities which fought over the apocalyptic landscape for centuries. Eventually, the gods grew tired of what seemed to be endless fighing. They attempted to snuff out all the light in the world. However, one thing stopped them - Corruption. So they fought him, and whence he was defeated, they sent him and his world into the Abyss of Night, the House of Chaos himslelf. Corruption was given full custody of the world while in his prison. He was brimming with endless rage over his banishment, and decided to torment the remaing inhabitants of the world - slowly, for centuries lowering the sun over the horizon, cooling and boiling the planet in frigid wintes and burning summers. The dark elves, one of the few creatures realizing the proscess, combined their entire races power to escape the Machine, into another dimension beyond the reach of the Five. The Dragons settled on the remains of their gigantic dead leader Onu, who had had ben killed in the war against humanity. The Stone giants end was however the worst. They were all destroyed and powdered into massive, sentient seas of Sand, whose eyes are the last remaing peice of their soul. Magic, which before could be drawn from any source of energy, began to condense into places of power - like the corpse of Onu, the eyes of the Stone giants, and the Taurons of humanity. Humans now are spread out over the terreformed Machine, having 12 main countries, each of which draws on the reserves of energy left behind by the war machines they used to fight with. All the while, the magic in the machines, used to sheild humans from the effects of the swinging climactic seasons, are slowly windind down, leaking, or even worse - exploding, with the force that even atomic energy cannot match. Slowy, the world is dying. 
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