by on February 21, 2017

My favorite parts of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC… Spoiler warning!

Agate vs the dragon. Everything about this! Overcoming his past, becoming stronger and being all awesome.

Estelle’s escape from the society, when she breaks the window and hangs outside the airship in flight. Then when the guards come in thinking she committed suicide, she jumps back in knocks one out with a kick to the face and slams the other against the wall before he can react.

The Capua’s airship battles, Kyle and the Bobcat are awesome! 

Do you see a common theme? Agate bring badass, Estelle being badass, Kyle being badass. I just like seeing my favs being badass. 

I also enjoy all Tita’s scenes geeking out about machines because I love technology. I especially love her satellite S-Break.

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