by on December 13, 2016

Electric Pokémon are my favorites, followed by fairy types. I tend to prefer Pokémon who have a final evolution I like or have an earlier form that won't evolve by leveling, so I don't need to hold back on the levels until I can find an Everstone. Kalos and Kanto are my favorite generations. My favorite legendary is Mew. The order of the following list may vary, but Pikachu is always number 1. 

Pikachu: Electric, cute and will remain in this form unless I use a thunder stone. Pikachu has been my top favorite from the start. Though Pikachu is a mouse, I always thought that ears made them look like bunnies. 

Meowstic: If Meowstic was electric, Pikachu would have some serious competition. I like both forms, though my favorite is the boy because of his pretty eyes and because he has more dark blue. I like that they look like kitties and bunnies, which are some of the cutest animals. 

Sylveon: The magical girl form of Eevee. XD The colors and ribbons are so cute! If I get a female Eevee, I evolve her into Sylveon and if I get a male into Jolteon.

Jolteon: My other favorite eeveelution. This Pokémon is cute and electric, what more do I need? 

Charizard: I have a soft spot for Charizard thanks to the anime. He had the most character development out of all of Ash's early Pokémon, including Pikachu. I even wrote a detailed article about it some time ago. 

Swablu and Altaria: I'm putting them together, since one evolves into the other and I like them both. They're fluffy and blue. 

Emolga and Pachirisu: They're cute and electric, enough said.

Absol: Though dark types are usually my least favorites, Absol is the exception. The design is really cool and the horn looks like a scythe. This Pokémon tries to warn of disaster and ends up being blamed for it, poor Absol, well intentioned but misunderstood. 

Some of my other favs include Butterfree, Alola Vulpix, Jigglypuff, Alola Meowth, Kanto Persian, Growlithe, Marowak, Staryu, Starmie, Furret, Azumarill, Rotom (especially dex form) and Mimikyu.

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