by on November 3, 2016
Maps: I like the new maps on 2, some of them do look prettier though I had no complaints about the maps on 1, there has been an improvement. The one thing I wish they improved, which remained the same was the invisible walls. This could have been solved by using looping maps where you come out on the other side of the screen if you go far enough. Physically it makes about as much sense as having invisible walls, but the point is that it would prevent those walls from getting in the way of combat and the landscape would feel infinitely spacious. As a side note, I like the new effects when you power up on the ground.
Not into the story yet...
I'll keep blogging about the game as I go along, so from here on out it's not just the basic stuff you can see right away at the start of the game, from this point in there will be spoilers.
Including Turles was a good way to add some variety to protecting the same old historical events. It was looking like too much of a repeat of 1 with little new to add until my X1 character showed up... looking just like my X2 character... XD That's my fault, but it was still a nice touch seeing that this is the same time line I'm traveling into from the time patrol of a different era. At the same time it makes me wonder if Trunks spent his whole life in Toki and might not show up in Conton.
The masters could have been brought in via time travel, but it would be tricky for the version of Trunks that ended up living basically outside of a timeline though still experiencing the passing of time. So where is Trunks? Is he to Conton just a memory like the hero of Toki and Toki itself? I miss my time patroller Trunks, he my fav DB character and my fav version of him.
After the saiyan missions on old kai's earth quest...
Squeeeeee! Time patroller Trunks!!! And I'm still with him! Well X1 me is with him, I suppose I could think of X2 as either AU X1, maybe future X1 though they're the same age, or... X1 and TP Trunks' descendant from the future, who happens to look like a clone of her mom. The fanfic fangirl in me is sooo happy to see X1 just walk in along with Trunks. <3 Time Patrol partners forever! <3 <3 <3
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