by on October 7, 2016
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ltr_z6nlhrM It might be related to reciprocation. Hans didn't love Anna, he might have been smiling at his luck having found a gullible princess, since Elsa seemed so out of reach. Or he might have found her to be genuinely likeable, though that wasn't enough to make him change his mind about his plans. Anna cared about Olaf, but probably didn't know him well enough to love him yet, as it takes time and that's one of the messages of the movie. Plus she might be subconsciously getting herself ready to say goodbye, since at this point she doesn't know that Elsa can magic him up to make him immune to melting. Thus Anna might not be allowing herself to truly love Olaf, on top of not having spent too much time with him yet and being preoccupied with her impending doom and the fate of her sister and the kingdom. For Kristoff there's also the issue of not knowing him very well. Attraction and chemistry don't equal love and Anna sounds more interested in breaking the curse than in Kristoff himself when Olaf makes the suggestion. In other words, she's so desperate to survive that she's thinking of herself more so than him at this point. I do think they make a cute couple and I can picture them falling in love, but they're not quite there yet at this point. Elsa and Anna are the only ones that really fit. Anna loves her sister enough to give her life for her. Thinking Anna is dead, Elsa realizes that she loves her too, and finally accepts and reciprocates the sisterly love.
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