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The BRoKen Doll
she was sweet and innocent until her owner left her, then she went crazy and killed everyone she ran into and wouldn't stop until she found the little girl now all grown up.she will kill anyone who gets in her way.
Chapter one
Her name was Sarah and she was 6 years old when she got the doll. The doll had a pretty purple dress, a shiny porcelain face with pink blush on the cheeks and orange lipstick on her lips , tiny black shoes , dark red curly hair, and she was twelve inches tall. Sarah loved her doll, it was a birthday present and she had always wanted a doll. She took it everywhere with her and even put her in bed with her because she was afraid she'd lose her. She felt so loved because Sarah would never leave her and she made all of Sarah's friends jealous and Sarah's love started bringing the doll to life. Sarah decided to name the doll Audrey because she really liked the name. But as Sarah got older she used and played with the doll less and less. Audrey began to feel useless and became angry and depressed. A couple years went by and Sarah had just turned 14 and it was her last year of middle school. One day when Sarah went to bed she forgot Audrey was in it and accidentally knocked her behind the bed she wanted to see what it was but was too tired. Audrey was filled with rage. The next day Sarah went under her bed and saw the doll she once loved and spent all her time with, she had cracks on her face, her hair was knotted and filled with dirt, her dress was ripped, and one of her shoes had been removed. Sarah picked her up and dusted her off and took the pieces of her face and glued them back to her; it was still very noticeable that those pieces had come off. Sarah hadn't looked at her doll in so long and remembered all the fun they had together when she was younger. After she fixed her she put her down and decided that since she doesn't use her anymore that she would give her to another little girl so she asked her mom if she knew anyone she could give her to and she said she had a friend that had a 5 year old daughter and that she would give Audrey to her for her. Audrey was furious a tear had fallen down her face as her old owner had walked out the door to be with her friends. Sarah's mom had given her to Zoey her new owner but Zoey didn't want her because she looked creepy after being dropped on the floor so her mom threw her away where Audrey stayed left with depression and anger feeling useless and like she couldn't do anything. Seven years later Sarah was in college and Audrey fell into a deep sleep but had grown into the size of a six year old. After all those years she had finally awakened still feeling upset about what had happened she lifted herself out of the trashcan;she had cracks on her arms and legs. The pieces Sarah had glued back on had fallen off. Audrey hated the way she looked so she re-curled her hair, put on black lipstick, wiped the blush off her face breaking more parts of her face but behind it was something evil and she didn't like it so she took a zipper and glued it to her face to close it up. It was hard for her to move because she was stiff but it looked as if her skin was becoming like a human's she was barely porcelain anymore. She ripped her dress and dyed it black and put on black eyeliner and eyeshadow. Her eyes were an evil dark dark black . Her heart was so broken she wanted to hurt everyone that had hurt her she saw that the door to her old house was unlocked and decided to go in. She heard the mother that had thrown her away was home feeling angry and hurt she grabbed a knife and walked up the stairs and slowly and quietly walked into her room. The mother was on the phone and Audrey was already behind her she then stabbed her in the back the mother then fell and Audrey looked at her and asked, " why did you throw me away? " in her creepy doll voice then giggled. The mother screamed and tried to run but Audrey threw the knife at her chest causing her to fall and die Audrey went over and collected her knife and decided to cut out her heart to see if it would heal her broken heart she then ate it and the parts of her that were porcelain became human skin but she still felt stiff so she went to collect more victims hearts hoping that she'd find the one that hurt her the most.
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