by on July 15, 2016
I have to thank Adri http://lets-volt.in for inspiring me to give Word Press another chance. Though I still prefer PHP, HTML5, JS and my beloved CSS3 for http://azurelight.net I did get around to making an account at the Word Press site and it's been useful despite the customization limitations. It's kind of like Tumblr http://mikariazure.tumblr.com but the image storage and post formatting are more convenient. If you're already following me in the other art archives where I post, you'll notice that it's all crossposting, so you won't see anything on Word Press that you wouldn't see on the others, but having things posted in different places means having a backup and a variety of places where they can be seen, since not everyone has a Deviant Art http://mikaristar.deviantart.com etc.

The thought of having a backup reminds me of Sheezy Art. It was a pretty good archive, it went down for restructuring but the new version that we were expecting never saw the Internet. I'm also reminded of Art Grounds, which at the time of this writing still exists, I think, I tried to check but it seems to be down... That doesn't mean it's enirely dead though, but I stopped posting there a while ago because it was dying. The site was buggy and becoming less active, so I left. On the plus side Art Rift http://www.artrift.com/Mikari/ has continued to become more active. It needs to fix a bug which causes folders to multiply, but other than that it's looking good.

I think I might make some more header images for Word Press later. I'm not really interested in the installation version of it, but I'm enjoying playing with it as a sort of Tumblr with more features.
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You should look into using a custom Wordpress installation. Then create a custom theme. From what I get, you're using Wordpress.com for a site?