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Familiar (Reader x Foxy)

"Is she out there? Is she out there? Is she out there?"

"Shut up!" Freddy growled, causing Chika to abruptly clamp her beak closed and remain silent.

Bonnie dared to peek out the glass window and paused, examining the hallway. "I think she's gone..."

Then you jumped to your full height loudly exclaiming "boo!" as you made yourself visible through the window.

"Ah!" Bonnie shouted, "Ah!" Chika and Freddy echoed. The three terrified animatronics huddled together in the middle of the guard's office and cowered.

"She's camping again!" Freddy growled in frustration. "Go away!" He tried to sound brave as he stared you down through the glass, but soon felt himself growing weak and shut his eyes, holding onto Chika and Bonnie tighter.

You laughed and strolled away down the hall, off to Pirate's Cove. You moved the curtains aside to find Foxy sitting there, just contemplating the place. You sat down beside him, yawned, and leaned on his shoulder. The fox looked at you curiously as he placed his non-hook arm around you. "Done terrorizing them already, lass?"

"I just wanted to frustrate Freddy by camping in front of the door for a little while," you replied innocently. "I'm not really going to hurt them, but they're mean not to open the door for me, I'm the night guard, that's my office."

"You're merciless," there was a tone of amusement reflected in Foxy's voice, at least sensing your energy no longer filled him with fear, not since the contract that change his very nature. You smiled, closing your eyes and dozing off a little. "You sure you want to sleep on the job?"

"You keep watch, captain," you gave yourself up to slumber without any worry. Foxy would alert you if the others tried to sneak up on you, not that you thought they would. Oh no, they were thoroughly terrified of you.

xoxox xox xoxox

When you first started chasing them all over the restaurant, they resorted to locking themselves in the office you had vacated to give pursuit and left poor Foxy out. You spent the whole night picking on the fox until he could take it no more and just gave up. Disappointed, you encouraged him. "Fight back, run away, do something!"

He had shaken his head tiredly and not moved an inch. It was useless to fight someone whose mere touch could paralize him if she so wanted it, and he was tired of running. "It's no use, lass, I'm broken and forgotten, just waiting to fall apart and cease to exist. I have no place in the stage and there's not much to look forward to about being hidden away collecting dust. The others have something to live for, but I don't, so there's no point in running away."

"Aw, I didn't mean to hurt you, I was just playing. You guys have no bounty on you, it wouldn't benefit me to exorcise you." You weren't sure why the owner spent money on guards that would inevitably quit after five nights or less, instead of spending a larger, though one time, sum on an exorcist, which would be more economical in the long run. Maybe he got a kick out of watching the guards get terrorized, the cameras could be connected to a network transmitting the nightly happenings of the restaurant elsewhere for all you knew.

Foxy sighed, "not even good enough for bounty..." He paused, observing your conflicted expression. "That be no fault of yours lass, but if ye don't want to exorcise me, there's no point in running from you."

"Say, Foxy..." You piped up, deciding to follow through with your crazy idea. "You're out of commission in the show, right? So the owner won't mind if I take you in place of this week's paycheck? I mean, you said yourself you were forgotten."

"Why would ye want me, lass?" The pirate fox looked at you with genuine curiosity.

xoxox xox xoxox

Foxy felt your body relax and your breaths come and go in a steady rhythm. Tonight he wanted to spend some time in Pirate Cove, it was rundown, yet nostalgic. On other nights he would join you in chasing the other animatronics around. They had been shocked to see Foxy back and in perfect conditions after he disappeared the previous day. They asked for his help in escaping the exorcist whose very presence put them on edge.

Foxy had smiled sweetly and informed them that he was your familiar. The other animatronics had stared at him dumbfounded for a moment before realizing what that meant, screaming as loud as they could and running away. Foxy knew you weren't going to exorcise them and he wasn't really upset at them anymore, but picking on them was more fun than picking on the previous guards.

You weren't sure how many hours passed, but when you woke up, everything was quiet and still. "Good morning, lass, it's almost time."

You muttered something unintelligible and refused to wake up. Foxy lifted you and carried you to the guard's office. Predictably, Freddy and the others had used up their power checking the cameras to see if you had left Pirate's Cove and were sneaking back towards them. When Bonnie peeked out the door and spotted Foxy heading towards them, they dashed out through the opposite door, panicking down the hallway. It was almost time for your shift to end, thankfully. Maybe if they went back to the stage you wouldn't chase them anymore.

The phone rang. The other had taken to the habit of calling in the morning if only to see if the guard was alive or if there was a mess somewhere that needed to be cleaned before the restaurant opened for business. The ringing finished the job of waking you up. You were on the office chair on your familiar's lap, though you were sure you had fallen asleep at Pirate's Cove. While you yawned and blinked, Foxy picked up the phone and handed it to you, before your employer assumed you were dead.

"Morning... Nothing to report, yeah, everything's fine... Ok, bye," you hung up, stood and stretched.

"Home?" Foxy asked.

You smiled at your familiar, glad that he was getting accustomed to thinking of your place as home. "Let's go home."


xoxox xox xoxox

I don't write fics anymore, but I had a 10 hour shift and the runway was closed during 9 of those, so I had nothing to do, and a friend wanted a short story with Foxy. XD

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