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Sorry for the late update! Here's what happened on my adventure at Wizard World comic con.

So I got a VIP pass ticket for the Wizard World Comic con to see frigen Tom hiddleston. (I keep saying frigen, because it's super duper exciting, that I finally get to meet my idol in person ) <3 Anyway, I spent two days with my dad, (Which wasn't that horrible, but he was really antsy with not really wanting being there) ...But I'm glad he sort of enjoyed it. He was a good sport about it. A REALLY GOOD SPORT. And he took a few pictures for me with two really good cosplayers I saw first. One I saw a really good Deadpool costume (I got excited over that; sadly he didn't do a pose for me but it was good nonetheless) And then I got REAALLY excited when I saw a really good Tony Stark costume!!! I just HAD to jump right in after. I mean I've been super shy asking random people if it was alright to take a photo with me. But I kinda got used to it after a tad bit. And he even posed for ME! My gosh that suit was AMAZING! I wanted to even wrap my arms around the guy. (Because I love Tony stark and I LOVE his Ironman suit but I kept my boundaries) I told him "Thank you so much!" And left happy. (I didn't really like my two pictures though because sometimes when I get too excited or happy I have this embarrassing squint in my eye ) D: I also brought 12 comic books in TOTAL. XD ^^; hehe ya. It was a pain to carry back but I have them all in my comic book collection now! I got a few Thor and Loki comics (those are my absolute FAV reads) And a few Ironman, then one Starlord, One Amazing Spider man (I always wanted to read those comics) And ...More Thor comics. XD You can obviously tell I really love reading Thor comics. XD

Anyway on the first day at con, I had a bonus with seeing famous people really. I saw CHRIS EVANS from veery far away. He was on his way to the photo ops with Sebastian Stan. (I hardly got a glimpse of Sebastian though) D: but it was really awesome to see Chris Evans from a far! (He had his genuine lumber jack blue shirt on, and of course that unforgettable beard he now has ) XD but they both quickly went into their photo booths sadly so I only caught a glimpse really. My dad also pointed out Billy Boyd. (I'm a HUUUGE lord of the rings fan at heart and that was like my childhood movies when growing up no joke. I kinda grew up in a fantasy world ) XD So when I saw Billy Boyd from afar signing autographs? What did I do? I almost cried of course! I just covered my mouth feeling these prickly tears in my eyes. In my head I was shouting 'OH MY GOSH IT'S FRIGEN PIPPIN!!! FOOL OF A TOOK!' XD but we had to move on sadly.

the rest of the con was cool! But it wasn't much. Basically it was filled with video games, cool and nice cosplayers, (I'm sooo upset I missed ThorTv and LokiHates you no joke I was looking for those two A LOT) D: I told steven that on his fb but I didn't get a response...I'm not worthy. *Cries* Anyway that was basically what happened around day one. But...I saw him...I saw Tom hiddleston on DAY ONE. He was wearing a plaid red t-shirt looking as good as ever. And his sunglasses were stuck in the middle of his v neck buttoned down shirt! *dies* I got excited. He was in the autographs section so he can sign some things for people. I couldn't stop smiling. But my view got blocked by the savages. XD (you gotta understand why I said savages) XD

The rest of the night we pretty much called it a night and got super hungry at the end. ...ya who knew just walking around a con could be ...SO EXHAUSTING. D: I literally passed out right after dinner...I even forgot what I had for dinner that day? Oh ya! It was no joke clam chowder in a cup (which was REALLY awesome ) (It had bacon bits in it too ) and then I had a BIG bowl of mac and cheese...but it wasn't like the mac and cheese I expected it to be? I mean but when I saw 'shrimp' (I love shrimp) I instantly thought YES. Also all I had that day was water and this really good strawberry ice tea. Which i finished in a flash. XD I couldn't finish the mac and cheese though. ...I mean the pasta was HUGE.

Anyway we kinda basically got back to the hotel. And yup you guessed it. SLEPT. (I think I did the sleep and then eat out of order but oh well. It's so much of a blur already sadly)

Second day for con

Alright guys....the BIG ONE. The day where I met Tom Hiddleston in person. We got there super early because 1. ) I had VIP passes which was like sort of an fast pass like you use at Disney world...But....It was STILL A LONG WAIT. My god. It was almost 12 by the time we got in line. And...you couldn't walk out of the line because the savages (Remember how I called the people there savages)? Ya everyone was f'in rushing to get in line just to get their photo op pic with Tom. I mean it was better to wait because then the excitement and adrenaline wouldn't wear off. If you got there first thing...it kinda would've been an excited blur already. So I'm glad for the wait but not really. It was a killer. But ...embarrassing story. MY NOSE STARTED TO PEEL. (I was in cancun not a month ago and boy was the sun brutally hot there) but of course THEN during the con it started to peel. Typical right? So I kinda was perfecting it not to act the way it was and my dad was starting to be annoying because of the wait so he was like 'stop touching your face and leave it alone' Ya okay I dressed up around 6:30 JUST to get ready for this day and your telling me not to correct my imperfections??!? ya okay father. Easy for him to say, I'm NOT him. Because I'm not perfect, and confident like he is. And this is Tom Hiddleston we're talking about. As soon as we moved an inch closer, I tried seeing if I could see his feet underneath the booth...but nothing. And I was starting to get worried. (probably because the wait was so long) and I was thinking; "what if he canceled and left? What if he's not even there?" but then I got legit CLOSER to the booth. I felt like I was going to piss myself I was so nervous. (But thank gods I didn't) But what was worse was I was starting to get hot and gross in the LINE. BECAUSE THERE WAS SO MANY DAMN PEOPLE. UGH. I should have brought my perfume like other folks did. UGHH.

But drum roll PLEASE! When I finally arrived at the booth. I - I SAW HIM! I almost cried in front of him. My first thought 'my gods your TALL!' He really was! He was skinny but fit, and....TALL! D: xD but he had this pleasant smile, when he saw me and- he just gave me a smile! But it sucked because it was really loud in the photo booth and it was a second long. >< NOT EVEN. He softly spoke a 'hello!' and I was...awestruck honestly. (not only that but I was about to CRY) I covered my mouth when he looked at me and all I could say for now was "Oh my gosh!" But I'm glad I didn't start breaking down into tears right then because the photo op- okay first off I was so overwhelmed with excitement I didn't even necessarily get a good smile out of myself ( Okay people said I looked great when I showed the photo ) but I felt like I didn't. And- second...I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HE WAS THAT FRIGEN CLOSE TO ME!!!! AHHH!!!!!! He leaned in a bit (like a bff pose ) and placed his right HAND on my arm! Now that I look at the pic a lot (I've been getting headache's because I'm in a frigen lovestruck stage now) -.- and he looked like he was going to hug me or something with his other left arm!!!!

Good thing though, I was as tall up to his shoulders ...almost. XD I am very proud of myself though???? But I didn't know you could REQUEST A POSEE FROM HIM. But eh, I let him do whatever he liked because I felt that would be too much for him, even though I saw a lot of other people request poses. So I'm just like snapping my fingers wishing I kinda did. But hell I was too nervous to ask for one anyway. XD So this pose was really fine and cute as it was. <3 We both look happy so it's all good. He kinda looks like he's blushing too XD and beaming with happiness so I'm good. <3 (now that I look closer at the photo) but either I was too excited to notice his arm was around me or he's just...I don't know light as a feather that I didn't notice. But I'm kinda glad I didn't notice because I would've been stammering and legit into tears if I saw. XD

Anyway, but the photo op really wasn't that long. It was legit one two three. So we couldn't chat and the people inside the booth were moving us along. I hope I said thank you to him, I think I did, but I was soft spoken too. So that's okay, (I hope he herd me though) D:

While we were in line though a woman and man told us it's best to wait for the autographs after the photo, because then it would get crowded there. So my dad kinda had this annoyed sighed because he thought we would be going home around 1 or 2. But I mean common father, this isn't something everyday that I see Tom Hiddleston please. Unhappy I mean the pay and the wait is worth it but also not worth it because you don't really have a good long moment to speak with him due to the other people that want to see him. (Who probably already saw him) this was my first encounter with him. So..ya.

We waited for TWO hours. And my excitement was beginning to die down for him. But long story short, he came back from the photo ops, and people cheered, I couldn't stop staring at him and he was so kind and polite. I told him what I always wanted to say to him. And you know what that was? I told him "...I just want to say...that you are my idol." He paused looking up and told me he really appreciated that. And I told him I was almost about to cry in front of him before. And he told me he wasn't worth the tears. Which I don't understand why he said that? Because he totally is? And his acting is wonderful?? Soo stap that. <3 And I asked for a hug from him and...HE GAVE ME ONE. <3 I felt bad because a lot of females already did ask for one. But when am I ever going to get such a wonderful opportunity like that nor ever see him again except on screen?

In total, con was fun and I hope I can do this with my friends next time, because me and my friend are planning to go to the one in October to see Stan Lee, and me and another friend are kinda planning to go because it's just such a fun and cool experience. <3 I love con. <3
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