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Small Description: ( This is a Lucifer X O.C story. If you don't know who Lucifer is it is a tv show I watch every Monday evening. Tom Ellis is gorgeous as hell, and I couldn't help but write something to fill in my swooning void here. Lucifer is my newest inspiration according to story telling, and art wise! Serena Storm is the name of my character. And this was a before after they met story. I will be using second person (When Serena is telling from her point of view, and third person. (Using the term he/they/her/them ) i hope you guys enjoy it! )

Lucifer X O.C (Serena Storm)

chapter 1

A new cold case

Serena's point of view

It felt like a normal morning as it did everyday. I had the best sleep in years ever since detective Chloe allowed me to join the crime scene investigations. She saw that I had abilities like another person did that was working in the force. That other person? That man was- well..abnormal lets just put it that way.

I opened my hazel eyes, and had had a content smile on my face, until I saw a lump next to me. My smile then had switched to a serious look. The lump groaned a few minutes later, showing some bare skin. The groan sounded deep, sexy. It was defiantly a man.

"Lucifer??" I cried. I placed my hand on my head as I saw my co-worker next to me. Even slightly sitting up made me feel sick. A throbbing pain occurred with the unsettling stirring I made.

"Mm good morning detective-" he purred, not caring that I seemed surprised that I slept with him. "What ...happened last night?" I placed a hand over my face regretting what happened between us. Lucifer didn't seem to have a hangover though- he was immortal. Lucifer normally didn't get drunk like humans did- not only that..he was the devil. So not only did I hate myself for sleeping with such an evil spiritual but sexy force of nature- I also surpassed my limits within drinking last night. Even though I should have listened to my brain.

"Well detective, you were at my shop -"
"You mean you're pornstar club?" Lucifer looked at me with those dark handsome eyes carefully. He huffed at first, but then sighed and smiled. "Yes of course- but may I continue to tell you're tale?" He had this- almost innocent look in his dark eyes. I nodded to let him continue holding the covers to shield my nudity. "Anyway, you came to Lux and you seemed almost well- disarranged. You began asking for a drink and I was concerned what happened to you. Apparently someone was threatening you online- I went to investigate myself who this "bully" was and she said you were an abusive girl. I laughed in her face and told her that you were just simply jealous at the time, you're emotions overtook you (along with you're jealousy)" he added. "And yet she still began making false attempts to ruin your reputation. I gave the prick what she deserved- so you do not need to worry you're pretty little head anymore about that troll of yours my dear Serena." He gave a cocky half smile knowing he did a job well done. "Oh also I got rid of that annoying bitch who took you're ex boyfriend away. I know you are not into him anymore, but she was annoying the hell out of me too. All this constant bragging about him acting like he was her trophy." He rolled his eyes and snarled at this. "Nobody likes braggers."

I opened my mouth and closed it. I had to make sure if Lucifer was telling the truth. My eyes started to water slightly. All these years...I mistook hi for evil- so I asked him. "Lucifer- ...did you really..."

"Dispose of them? Why yes I certainly did. We don't need lairs and hypocrites like them. You suffered too much around them- oh that other girl- the one who has been insulting you got what she deserved also. She was a fraud too. Braggers, lairs and fucking bitches I will bring down to my gates love." He couldn't help but smile as if he did a deed well done.

I blinked my eyes and couldn't help but hug him. He grunted and looked surprised.
"Thank you lucifer. It means the world to me." He cleared his throat but smiled.
"Detective you very well know that you're hugging me while we're both nude correct?" He playfully asked.
I blushed and let go.
"Why do you have to ruin everything?" I rolled my eyes slightly blushing.
"Because I am the devil love!" He stated with a fact. Soon enough my phone started to ring. I grabbed the covers while he pouted. I ignored him and waddled away.
"Detective Serena speaking...ya? ...you don't mean- " I gasped. "I will be on my way..." I hung up the phone and lucifer had a questioning look on his face. "Chloe's boyfriend...he's dead." Lucifer just smiled at this shocking news.
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