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Before Captain America

"In Time"
Ch. 1) The New Girl on the Block

It was the 1940's in Brooklyn, New York. Steve Rogers had trouble fitting in with people due to his small size, and his tuberculosis disease. He was backed in an alleyway, being teased and bullied as usual.

"Hey Rogers, how 'bout we give ya a knuckle sandwich on the go?" A strong beefy boy threatened, showing a gap-y smile.

"Thanks, but no thanks; you guys made me loose my appetite." Steve declined the offer.

"Shut up!" Another tall kid lifted Steve up against a brick wall, ready to give him a hard punch in the face. Steve winced his blue eyes and turned away. The punch knocked Steve's breath out, as he had one punch thrown at him. He felt his cheek swell already. There will definitely be a black and blue bruise tomorrow. Then Steve fell and felt another rough kick at his side. Steve held his stomach as he closed his eyes. 'It will be all over soon.' Steve thought. All of a sudden, the beatings stopped. Steve's vision was blurry, as he tried to force his eyes open.

"Excuse me, but what do we have here Mr. Bucky Barnes?" A calm female voice came into view.

"You guys aren't beating up on my buddy Steve here are we now?" Steve couldn't tell with the look on Bucky's face, but he can definitely tell his friend wasn't happy about this situation.

"What's it to ya Barnes? You hardly notice! And all you do is pick up girls like that chick over there! Just because you're in a uniform doesn't give you much charm." One of the bullies insulted.

"Oh really?" The girl mused innocently. "Well then, we can send you off to the police, and you can tell them all about how you have beating up and were harassing a poor fellow in the alleyway. How are you gunna back up your defenses there?" She spat angrily.

"Easy Cadence." Bucky warned. 'So it looks like Bucky's dates name is Cadence...' Steve thought weakly. 'But why is she standing up for me?' He wondered and groaned as his sides began to burn. Bucky and Cadence shortly brought their attention to Steve.

"Actually here comes a policeman right now." Cadence trotted over to a man that was a few short distance away. Bucky smirked at this, and the two boys who beaten up Steve, looked at each other with fear and nodded their heads, having a quick get away. The woman pointed her finger at the two boys who were trying to run, and the policeman chased after them, seeing poor Steve curled up in a ball. Bucky finally kneeled down quickly besides Steve and gently touched him.

"Hey Steve, easy there pal." He tried to soothe. Steve was a trooper though. Bucky's date came back and knelt besides Bucky. "Hey...Cadence... Since you're a nurse in training, do you think you can help my friend out?" Bucky gave her a worried look.

"I wouldn't say no to the question..." She gave him a small weak smile. Bucky sighed with relief, and gave her a kiss on the cheek in appreciation.

"Hey Steve? It's Bucky-"

"...You think I wouldn't know the sound of my friends own voice?" Steve showed a lame smile.

"Hey cut the jokes for later Steve, we're gunna take you to the hospital okay? Cadence is a nurse in training. And she's very good at what she does." Bucky explained.

"It's actually a volunteer nurse Bucky, but yes, I want to be a corps nurse for those brave men who are fighting in the war. I want to give them all the help I can afford." She quickly explained. Bucky nodded his head and picked up Steve lightly. He groaned in pain as Steve felt he was being lifted up off the ground.

"Hey how come you didn't fight those jerks off? You would have been less in pain if you did." Bucky questioned trying to distract Steve.

"...I don't like bullies that's why." Steve drowsily answered. Bucky laughed.

"I know you don't. Neither do I." He smiled as he and Cadence brought Steve to the hospital.
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