by on January 10, 2014
(Don't ask were this came from.)

The Split.

The stage is empty except for a chair and some rope. A man walks on left stage holding a gun to another guys head.

Voice a (slightly shaky): what should I do? What should I do?

Voice b (hard and cruel): what do you think idiot?

Voice a :please no.

Voice b :KILL HIM!!!!!

Man throws hostage on to the chair and starts to tie them him up.

Voice a: no, I won't.

Voice b: yes you will.

Voice a: no, I WON'T.

Voice b: what are our other choices?

Voice a: I don't know now that you got us into this mess.

Voice b:ME? ME? This is all MY fault?

Voice a: yes this is your fault. YOU where the one who had the idea of robbing the bank, YOU where the one who talked me into doing it, YOU were the one who told me no one would get hurt, and now look what happened, two dead already and I now Need to kill another.

Voice b:I thought you said there was another option.

Voice a:I have been trying to think of one but I can't, not with all your yemmaring.

Voice b: so now your saying it is my fault again, is that it? Just pin the blame on me? You know if I go down you come with me.


Voice b: fine I'll be quiet.

Voice a: I have a way out.( he says slowly moving the gun towards his own head.)

Voice b: no what are you doing?

Voice a: ending it.

Voice b: why? Once you do this you can't go back.

Voice a: why? WHY? YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY? It is because of you, you talk all the time you are with me wherever I go always whispering in my ear.you won't LEAVE ME ALONE. I can't stand it anymore I'm sorry. (Falls down on to his needs and says quieter) I'm sorry.

The end.
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