Gwendolynn Strobel
by on December 7, 2015

Driving from the embassy house to the college only took about thirty minutes. Thirty minutes to sit and try to think about nothing. Sébastien even tried to concentrate on the fog that still lingered and cradled the school's bell tower. The black car pulled around the gates and parked behind the library. Michel sighed.
"I'll be talking to the music school dean and the art school dean to get her credits in order and make sure the family is refunded tuition. You send me a text as soon as you want me to meet with her," he said as he closed his briefcase.
"Michel, could you," Sébastien looked out of the window with dread, not ready to be swarmed by college girls this morning, "maybe not toss my name around too much? Be vague and... blend in?" Michel looked down at his clothes. He was an attractive, confident man on an all female campus dressed in an Armani suit... He looked back up at Sébastien.
"Um... yeah okay... I'll be totally casual," Michel did his best impression of an apathetic teen. Sébastien sighed, but appreciated his friend's attempt at humor. Sébastien's door opened and Charles waited on the other side. Michel hopped out of the car and went on his way. Sébastien slowly pulled himself out of the car, not eager to face this day. Charles urged him by action, closing the door and beginning the walk to the the building. Sébastien finally started to move and was relieved to find the grounds nearly void of human life. Everything seemed much the same since he visited with his father.
Upon entering the library, Sébastien found himself in the normal routine. He was politely making conversation with women and being forced to partake in horribly bland coffee. He smoothly removed himself from conversation and made his way down a sloping hall into what he had heard students call "the dungeon." Michel and Charles had been working tirelessly to know exactly where Miss Bellini would be... at all times, otherwise it would have been a blind hunt. Sébastien was fond of the old music library and meeting her here almost made him feel a little better. The smell of old books was soothing and somewhere there was an old harpsichord that had been donated by his mother.
He took a seat on one of the old couches in the small sitting space and waited for any sign of her. Charles silently tossed out Sébastien's coffee before sitting next to him. He pulled out a book he would only half read while keeping watch over his prince. The couch was very soft and well used. Sébastien felt a little like he had sat down into a giant corduroy marshmallow. An older woman with bright eyes and round features popped out of the little office and made her way to bother... offer Sébastien any assistance. Sébastien remembered her from the past visit. She was a sweet woman, but overly helpful. Charles cleared his throat while she was talking and Sébastien looked past her to see Cecilia. She looked so much like her pictures, straight brown hair that fell back behind her shoulders, baggy clothes and probably just over five feet tall. Then she was gone, disappeared into the back of the library. He must have had a strange look on his face since the librarian followed his eyes and blushed ever so slightly.
"Oh, Cecilia is here. If you desire anything, anything at all, she is your girl. She's very sweet... and polite... a freshman," She said before finally letting him be. He tried to shake off her town. She must have thought he was looking for a quick and easy date... The way this school threw their girls at any passing wealthy man was strange to him. If these girls were just on the hunt for eligible men, why waste time and money on college?
Charles shifted in his spot, showing he planned to stay put. Hopefully there weren't many students that needed this part of the library. Charles probably would turn them away. Sébastien was alone to meet his fiancee. She would recognize him and treat him as everyone else did. He would be fooled by her kindness and then she would change... Just like Caroline. She would demand and he would provide... it wouldn't be a happy life, but like he had told Clara. He was determined to make it work... but for now... Where had she slipped off to?
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