by on October 16, 2015
Watching the actual first episode of Ladybug. I'm not going to summarize it here, but rather comment on it.


So were thrown in the middle of the story before it is explained where Marinette got her earrings. I prefer stories that are told chronologically, unless the not knowing is vital to the plot, which I doubt. It looks like Adrien is some kind of model? Mari and her friend were fussing about a sort of photo shoot. I want to see the scene from the trailer when Mari's hair turns into a heart. I guess maybe later in an origin story episode, at least I hope there is one.

Adrien what have they done to you?!?!?! My fangirl heart is broken. He looks more like a little kid than a bishonen. I liked his serious look to contrast with Chat's randomness. I'm going to have to put on thick fangirl goggles and pretend this is the cell version if I'm going to survive watching this. No dub available and I hate reading, motivation going down.

At least Mari looks like her cell self. The only thing I have to criticize about her is that she doesn't seems to have her awesome long ribbons in Lady form. Too hard to animate? Maybe you should have kept the original medium!

This seems to be a villain of the episode show. No explanations for what's going on yet. Right now the trailer is the only thing keeping my interest alive. If that trailer didn't exist, I wouldn't be watching this. I still have hope that it'll get better and I'm still sad for what could have been.

Adrien is too much of a "charming" smilie character. I liked him better when he was serious as Adrien and crazy as Chat. Now he boring as Adrien and flirty as Chat. His clumsiness is somewhat amusing, though inconsistent.

Looks like they are going with the cliche route of Mari liking both Chat & Adrien, though she prefers Adrien. She was funnier when she rejected him as Chat and he was all like D: "but why?!" He was also funnier when he was cold and indifferent as Adrien. The key was the contrast between the magical and civilian characters and the irony of liking someone while continuously rejecting them in another form. It's boring if Adrien is friendly and Lady flirts with Chat. It is the death of what could have been a hilariously entertaining irony.


It's off to a weak start...
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