by on September 30, 2015
This will be a partial review (because I haven't finished the game yet) and will not have any spoilers. I will write another post about what I've seen so far with spoilers, but for now, you can proceed without worries.

Persona 4: Dancing all Night is a fun game. I started with the story mode and have reached 3 "milestones" so far. The story tries to emulate the mystery of Persona 4: Golden but isn't as deep, not that I expected it to be. It does have more plot than I thought it would, but the story scenes get a little long sometimes, making me feel impatient to play the next round of music. The good news is that they're voiced, except for the internal narration of the leader, so there's minimal reading.

The art is well done and the characters look a little older than in Persona 4: Golden. The controls are fine, but sometimes when I hit a note the words perfect, great, good, etc. got in the way of seeing the next note. You can get used to it by timing the button by the distance of the notes from each other, but it's still a bit annoying not being able to see them.

For a rhythm game, I ended up relying a lot on my eyes instead of a combination of my eyes and ears, unlike in Vocaloid, where when you have too many buttons to press in rapid succession it's easier to rely on each syllable of the song for timing. The songs are ok, good, but not great. I prefer the way Vocaloid times the button presses with the syllables, but P4DAN isn't about singing, the characters only dance in the middle of the screen, which you won't really be looking at during gameplay.

The notes are off to the left and right and you'll have to remind yourself to keep watch on both sides, because the notes won't follow the circle pattern on the screen, they'll go in any direction. This is not to say that the game is hard, it's easier than Vocaloid. I'm playing in the normal difficulty and have easily gone through all the songs I've played so far on my first try. The game feels slower than Vocaloid and the songs are less catchy, but it's still fun on its own and so far I'm enjoying it.
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