by on September 20, 2015
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I got Windows 10, the upgrade went smoothly, but I miss the full screen start menu from Windows 8. The return of the old cluttered start menu list in the corner is a big step back. Cortana was a nice addition, though the suggested interests and news were not, since it doesn't have the option to filter out topics I don't care about, which was pretty much all that was showing up. Cortana is only really good as a fancy bonus voice control to make online searches, not particularly useful, but fun to play with and good enough for someone who loves technology to want her around just because she's a piece of "fanciness" the previous version didn't have. If not for because Cortana is amusing, I would want to stick with Windows 8, the full screen start menu was actually useful and pretty all at once, Cortana is uselessly funny, but funny none the less. I have been trying to make things easier navigating the new windows by adding desktop shortcuts, which I didn't need at all on Windows 8 and are not are pretty as the full screen star menu of Windows 8. Not all the program are friendly to becoming desktop shortcuts and some only have the option to be pinned to the cluttered start menu or the taskbar, which is even less spacious. I did what I could adding shortcuts and making my laptop somewhat presentable. Here's a useful article that I used as a guide to make the desktop icons look better: http://www.windowscentral.com/how-get-rid-shortcut-arrows-windows-10

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