by on July 27, 2015
I'm at home now with silver on my wisdom tooth. The cleanup last week hurt a lot even though people claim that clean ups are not supposed to hurt. I've heard horror stories about the anesthetic shot, but oddly that didn't really hurt. It might have helped that I decided I was not going to look at the instruments at all. These dentists (one cleaned the cavity and another applied the silver) had much better service. I had a pillow and I got to take breaks and rinse my mouth with water to fight off nausea, plus the tube thing was smaller and only used as needed.

My tooth is looking kind of flat, is this normal? I was told that the silver won't harden for 24 hours and not to use that tooth. I've done as directed, but I still worry that the silver is "sinking" because my tooth broke completely and is being pushed apart by it. The dentist did say that it might break but I asked him to try to fix it, though he did warn me that it would be difficult and that it might break during the cavity removal anyway. It didn't break when I was there, but it was left a bit "hallow" so I'm kind of worried about it. Still, this is my first filling/cavity ever as well as my first experience with anesthesia of any kind, so maybe I'm worried over nothing.

According to what the dentist said, I should have 20 more minutes of anesthesia time left. I can feel the sensation returning to the left side of my lower jaw little by little, but thankfully there's no pain.

Edit: 1 hour later, the silver sunk further and it's a little bloody. Looks like I might not be able to keep it after all. The only thing I've had is water, so it couldn't have been my fault. Or maybe I'm just over thinking it. Is it normal for new silver to bleed? Part of it sits against my gum from the piece of tooth that broke off. The anesthesia is completely gone now, but it doesn't hurt.
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Maybe it's ok after all, the base seems whole, it's just flat...