by on July 23, 2015
I took my PSVita to the dentist, thinking it would be a long wait. It was shorter than I thought. I played a bit of End of Serenity, but not much. I mostly texted during my wait. My iPod ate my blog post so I had to write it again. I really can't wait until September. This thing can't even use Notes properly.

Many thanks to everyone who virtually sat with me at the waiting room and sent me encouragement on Twitter on the days prior, though the battle has just begun. I texted with Cherri, Barbara, and most often with Snow, who kept me from running away.

Now for the actual rant. I got 3 x-rays and a cleanup. Got scheduled for August 4 to fix the wisdom tooth with practically no news of what to expect. I'm going to visit a different dentist and see if I can find faster service. I don't like dentists who tend to their patients laying down with huge lights overhead. It's easier to sit, and the lights were already making my eyes water before the pain even begun. The cleaning stung in a sharp eye watering way, but at least it wasn't a pain that stayed after the process. I was wearing metallic blue eye shadow and looked like a raccoon afterwards.

The worst part was, TMI warning, the nausea. The whole time I was terrified I was going to puke, choke on it and die, or puke and wish I hadn't survived. Fortunately, I didn't puke, as my body seems to have lost that ability after the end of childhood, but I had to deal with the nausea. I even had to stop the dentist once, sit up and just breathe.

It was a bloody terrible experience, literally bloody. I don't have the x-rays, but I'm not letting that stop me from finding another dentist. I'll pay for the x-rays again if I get better service. (I got the x-rays before the cleaning.)

I was also worried about sneezing, which I didn't during the cleaning. Ironically, just as I was feeling relieved that I didn't sneeze during the cleaning (thought I was still nauseous), during the checkout I actually sneezed. For a double dose of irony, the dentist commented on how delicate my sneeze was... I should have sneezed before the cleaning.
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