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Hey all,

So it's come to a point on Artrift where I've decided to disable Facebook Connect. If you don't know what Facebook Connect is then read on.

A site that has Facebook Connect enabled allows you to login to that site with your Facebook details. Basically, it imports your FB profile on to the new site that you have logged into.

So why have I disabled Facebook Connect?

It's simple, BECAUSE FACEBOOK'S PRIVACY POLICIES SUCK. Facebook isn't exactly a free service. You pay for the services on Facebook with your privacy. The same can be said for Google Plus. Facebook and Google privacy policies are always changing. That means you don't always know what these big companies will do with your privacy. And let's be honest, who likes reading through a really long privacy policy on a website...

I believe that the information you provide on Artrift is yours! Nothing that you upload belongs to Artrift, it's your art work and your information so it belongs to you. This is not MY website, this website belongs to everyone in the community.

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